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November 18-24, 2007 is Bullying Awareness Week. During this week several organizations are looking for grass roots support to get the word out and have programs happen to increase awareness.

I am happy to help by providing you this link to and putting information on this site. The theme is “Stand Up! (to bullying)” and we know that the more awareness that is created, the more likely we’ll see changes in group mentality. I hope you will find a way to help during this week.

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About Alan Eisenberg

Alan Eisenberg is a Certified Life Coach, Bullying Recovery activist and author of "A Ladder In The Dark: My journey from bullying to self-acceptance" and "Crossing the Line". He has been writing and speaking to various audiences about the issue of C-PTSD and Bullying Recovery. Mr. Eisenberg has been featured on several print, radio shows and podcasts on this issue, including NPR and in the Boston Globe. He is currently working toward his Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling.
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