David E. Hubler on Bullying

I am pleased to welcome guest blogger and author David E. Hubler, who has graciously written an article for the Bullying Stories website. David is the author of “The Too-Tall Troll in the Tiny Tollhouse”, a book dealing with bullying issues. ~Alan Eisenberg


Bullying is nothing new. The phenomenon probably goes back to when the first Greek children sat outdoors for instruction from wise men dressed in togas. For many generations incidents of bullying – name calling, teasing, making fun of someone – were mostly local affairs, confined to the schoolyard, the classroom, perhaps even to the entire school.

Afterward, children went home and that was pretty much that. Of course, the bullied kids cried and felt awful; sometimes they told their parents, often they kept it to themselves. Angry parents took action by calling school officials or the offenders’ parents. Usually the bullying stopped when the kids made up, fought it out between themselves or simply got older and more social and moved on to their next level of education.

But today, as a result of the advent of social media and the decline of civility, bullying has gone viral and universal, and extends far beyond the schoolyard to the university campus. Even worse, as we know, it has become deadly.

I wrote “The Too-Tall Troll in the Tiny Tollhouse” with the idea that if we could expose bullying for what it is, abuse, and do so at an early age, when children are entering school, then perhaps we can sow the seeds of a more civil society.

Tilden Troll is the object of bullying because he is much taller than all his first-grade classmates. But his height, the object of scorn, quickly becomes an asset when he becomes the only one who can reach his primary tormentor and save him.

I used my skills and background as a writer and former teacher to construct a book that not only offers a cogent example of bullying and why it is wrong; I wrote it with the idea that parents should have some fun reading it aloud to their children; hence the play on words, the alliterations and a few jokes that will surely pass over the heads of the children.
~ David E. Hubler

David E. Hubler is the author of two previously published books. This is his first book for children. He has taught at the high school and community college levels and has written professionally for several decades, and served as the literary editor of the Voice of America international radio for 10 years. He also has written numerous magazine and newspaper articles, including some prize-winners, for such publications as the Washington Post, Islands magazine, McCalls and Potomac Review. You can order David’s book “The Too-Tall Troll in the Tiny Tollhouse” through Amazon.com.


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About Alan Eisenberg

Alan Eisenberg is a Certified Life Coach, Bullying Recovery activist and author of "A Ladder In The Dark: My journey from bullying to self-acceptance" and "Crossing the Line". He has been writing and speaking to various audiences about the issue of C-PTSD and Bullying Recovery. Mr. Eisenberg has been featured on several print, radio shows and podcasts on this issue, including NPR and in the Boston Globe. He is currently working toward his Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling.
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  2. If you experience bullying, you can always report it via WeTip – They are an anonymous crime reporting hot-line.

  3. David,
    Thank you for sharing your story and that your friend sounds like a nice person. I believe when children truly forgive this can also help to decrease bullying and help them to heal. I love that you shared this with us. Helping children live their best life into adulthood is my mission. I want them to rock forgiveness, rock peace and more positive attributes so I helped to create Rock It a fun character building exercise CD/DVD.
    I appreciate you sharing your childhood with us.

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