Healthy University: Episode 4 – Power of Yoga for Healing and Mindfulness

AllwaysyogapodcastOn this episode, Karen Jaynes from All Ways Yoga discusses the importance of Yoga and mindfulness to hep bring peace to our minds and our lives.

Yogini, Student, Teacher, Celebrant, Life Coach, Optimist, Friend, Spiritual Enthusiast, Motivator, Entreprenur, Animal Lover, Servant of Peace, Hiker, Kayaker, and future Mountain Climber, Karen Jaynes, eRYT is the CEO & Founder of All Ways Yoga, LLC, a Yoga and Wellness Company based in Fairfax, Virginia, USA.  Her Yoga is with her everywhere she goes from city streets and high-rise buildings, to island paradises and mountain tops, even on Capital Hill.

 All Ways Yoga is a Karmic company with a mission and committment to the care and enlightment of others through the practice of yoga on and off the mat.  We offer guidance to those wanting to live a more wholistic, healthy and authentic life, led by an environmental consciousness and desire for sustainable living.  All Ways Yoga believes we can all age well and stay active by incorporating balanced lifestyles and managing stresses through practice and good choices. We run retreats and events often and feature wholistic, sustainable and alternative practices in them including foraging, using herbs in personal care and cooking, eating locally, organically and seasonally, using meditation and other distraction-releasing techniques to overcome stressful living all while practicing yoga, hiking, kayaking and even dancing!  We are always exploring and learning something new!

 With a background in gymnastics, dance, martial arts, theater and a brief rock n roll frolick, Karen Jaynes brings something for everyone with passion and expertise to the mat.

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