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HelpMy name is Herb Cohen and I’m a photographer and writer whose passion is designing artwork to inspire positive change in the lives of my viewers.  My work is based on the concept that every day is new opportunity for us to appreciate the importance of having happiness, success, love, harmony, and peace in our lives.

I began creating my artwork in 2004 as a ‘Second act’ after 34 years as an operations manager.  I have always had a passion for nature photography and found that my photographs inspired me to write personal prose that would add to the focus of the image.  I began promoting my work at art shows which led to turning my collection into presentations and videos for speaking engagements.  My first presentation was for a therapist who specializes in children with Autism.  Preparing for this, I read countless articles that discussed how many people with Autism as well as others are ‘image thinkers,’ they relate to images then to the words.  At the presentation we showed my images on the screen and let the children describe what it meant to them.  It was amazing!  They related their personal stories based on the image and it’s message.  This was a very enlightening moment in my new career.  From there, I gave presentations at various colleges, churches, as well as a workshop at The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, but my favorite was speaking at schools.  Here is where I learned more about the devastation some children were experiencing with bullying and other negative influences from others.

Over the past few years, my work has focused on self empowerment; how we can take control of our futures as well as learning to overpower the negative experiences from our past.  These experiences inspired this image:


I have been very fortunate to have some of my viewers tell me how my images became their inspiration to create positive changes in their lives.  Here are a few of their stories along with those images:

Negative Words

This image inspired a young boy to finally tell his parents and teacher he’s being bullied.  He decided it was time to fight back and erase the crushing feelings of pain and humiliation.  No one should have to tolerate this type of pain.

Fear or Inspiration

This image inspired a woman who had been in and out of rehab for years but finally decided that getting her family back meant she would have to overcome her fears of failure.

Overcome Challenges

This image inspired a deaf teenager who described how she had been mocked and teased for so many years, but faced her challenges with persistence and determination.  She would live life on her terms.

No limitations

This image inspired a physically disabled young woman who was tired of people telling her what she could not do and empowered herself to go back to school and become a teacher to help disabled children.

Peace and serenity

This image inspired a woman who had endured years of physical and mental abuse, but finally decided that it was time to empower herself and choose to regain her life.

I want to extend an invitation for you to visit my web site and by viewing the images; I hope you’ll find some that will inspire you to achieve all that you truly desire.

Herb Cohen

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About Herb Cohen

Herb's dream was to create artwork that was more than a form of inspiration, it must be a call to action. He believes that words and pictures can inspire, but it takes actions to change lives. He began designing his new artwork by adding his personal captions to his photographs to create note cards for family and friends. He soon found himself selling them at local flea markets, where he added larger format prints, including posters, to his gallery. From there, he received requests to present his artwork at art shows and then for various organizations who focused on helping individuals to overcome the negative experiences in their lives. Since then, he has used his artwork in presentations for schools in anti-bullying campaigns and a variety of organizations to promote self empowerment. Visit Herb's website at
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