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What if the kid you bullied at school, grew up, and turned out to be the only surgeon who could save your life? Lynette Mather

It seems that every day we hear in the news of another tragedy of a young person committing suicide after relentless bullying.  Recently, I read of another tragedy of a teenager taking her life in front of her family as they pleaded for her to not pull the trigger. Yet another case of cyber-bullying.

As adults, we are well aware of schoolyard bullying and the more recent trend of cyber-bullying. But fewer of us realize how this continues to occur in adulthood and especially in workplace environments.

Target of Workplace Bullying

If you are a target of bullying in your workplace, then you are all too aware of its existence.  What is important to realize is that you do not need to face this alone!

Workplace bullying can affect you both emotionally and physically. This is why it is important to visit sites like Bullying Recovery which provide personal stories on how to handle the trauma of bullying.

Bullying Isn’t Illegal!

The sad reality is that bullying is probably not a criminal offence where you live, but this doesn’t mean that you must continue to be a target. It’s important to know that you do have legal options to help end this horrible behavior.

Often, bullying can result in discrimination, violence and hostile work environments which are better recognized as offensive behaviors within the courts. Depending on your location, you may be able to seek help from:

Recently, Dr. Renee Thompson, a renowned international speaker on workplace bullying, wrote about a medical clinic that paid out $440,000 to a nurse as a result of bullying and a hostile work environment. Dr. Thompson wrote “We are beginning to see a trend against bullying by holding employers responsible to protect employees from bullying behavior.”

Write Statements That Get Results

Before you make any formal complaints, you should document all instances of workplace bullying. But make sure to follow these 12 Best Practice Guidelines for a well-written statement.

  1. Write Chronologically and In First Person
  2. What You Include in Your Report Is Key!
  3. Tell the Whole Story
  4. Be Honest and Factual
  5. Avoid Hearsay
  6. Be Brief and Be Organized
  7. Document Anguish, Emotional and Physical Pain
  8. Avoid Abbreviations, Lingo, or Professional Jargon
  9. Avoid Uninformed Opinions
  10. Attach Relevant Files, Documents and Notes
  11. Include a Statement of Truth
  12. Grammar, Spelling and Details Are Important

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Best Way to Document Workplace Bullying – Create Compelling Evidence

Now that you know how to write a proper statement about workplace bullying, I am going to be honest and tell you that your credibility will likely be questioned if you decide to present your statement as evidence. Especially if you are unable to PROVE when you wrote the statement.

The good news is that Forensic Notes allows you to create credible statements. Each note is Digitally Signed and Timestamped allowing you to easily PROVE when you wrote the statement. This is essential should you decide to file a formal complaint with your HR, the EEOC, a government agency or an employment lawyer.

Free Solution to Document Workplace Bullying

As a special offer to readers of Bullying Recovery Blog, Forensic Notes is 100% FREE for 1-year. If you need more than a year, simply email us and we will be happy to extend this offer for as long as you need.  Simply go to our 1-Year Free Offer page and click on the link to sign up for our customized Workplace Harassment & Bullying application.

Witness to Ongoing Workplace Bullying?

You can help the target of bullying by documenting your observations and then providing those notes to the person being bullied.

Security & Privacy

Even if you aren’t being bullied at work or have no plans to ever make a formal complaint, please feel free to use our free services as a private and secure journal.

Forensic Notes has been designed with security and privacy as our top goals. Feel confident in knowing that your private thoughts are protected.

Lets’ all work together to stop bullying, whether it’s in school, online, or in the workplace.


We Want to Hear from You!

Please post a comment below on your experiences with Workplace Bullying.

How has it affected you and your career?


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  1. Thank you Alan for this opportunity to share my application with your readers.

    Please let us know how workplace bullying has affected you and your life. By talking about it, we can all work towards a solution. Bullying must stop!

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