My Bullying Survival Story

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“Words have power, and sometimes, they stay with you for life. It’s up to you to allow those words to define who you become.” ― Daniele Lanzarotta

As you read my story don’t feel sorry for me but realize this is one of triumph!

I grew up being bullied everyday!

I was teased, spat on, had spitballs spit at me, not picked for teams in gym (being put on the only team that needed a player), sitting alone at lunch, my name was made fun of and I even had teachers laughing/not standing up for me.

I felt scared to go to school, terrified to ride the bus, hated going to school. I felt alone and truly was. I had no friends and the ones I thought were my friends were two-faced. In 7th grade, I was at a friend’s house in her basement and physically beaten up, held down and there was a boy watching and swinging a knife around, laughing and the girl with rings repeatedly punched me in my face over and over. I had to walk home after being beaten up in the dark for 2 miles. I had a very lonely childhood. I remember swinging on my swing singing to myself all the time. That was a big enjoyment of mine.

Then on January, 4th 1985 after five years of watching her suffer my mother died of cancer when I was 13. It was a very scary and depressing childhood. I was very neglected and alone. These struggles followed me into my adult life and my marriage-domestic. As I reflect back on those times I have feelings I can’t describe. With a relationship with God, many years of counseling and friendships I’ve developed I made it through.

I recently worked for 11 years as a house parent at The Milton Hershey School in Hershey Pa, I lived with 12 middle school girls, my ex-husband, and two children. We were like 2nd parents to them. Milton Hershey School is a residential school for students who come from broken homes and broken dreams. There are some memories that pop up from time to time esp. when I see others go through the same struggles as I did. They are so strong and spectacular girls. I helped them live successful and meaningful lives on a daily basis.

This experience in life has taught me to love others unconditionally, judge less and except others for the way they are.

I am also a gifted singer and I sing for causes including but not limited to, cancer relays, fashion shows, domestic violence, sexual assault, and have done some local competitions, national anthem for sporting events and weddings. Singing is my soul, passion, and heart. In closing, I would love the opportunity to sing for any event you hear of and want to not just entertain, but use my hurts and struggles as a platform to help those who need support and encouragement. If an opportunity comes up, please contact me through facebook or If you wish to view my videos go to I hope they this story inspires you to make positive changes and I look forward to meeting you in person and hearing your stories of success.

God bless all the children, teens and adults out there. I’ve survived bullying and would be willing to help others through their struggle.

If you wish to share your personal story of overcoming bullying, email us at

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About Heide Voglis

Heide is a single mom of two teenagers. Derek 18 and Erika 15. They are her heart. Her faith in Jesus is what gives her hope. Singing is her passion and dream. She is the 2006 Lebanon Idol Valley Idol winner. She sings for various singing events including weddings, cancer walks-relay for life, domestic violence and sexual abuse fashion shows, and sung/shared her bullying survival story for a bullying assembly at Milton Hershey School where she was a house parent to 12 middle school girls for 11 years. Singing is her passion and dream and she continues to pursue it. Showing unconditional love to others and giving them hope and knowing she can make others smile brings joy to her heart.
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  1. You do have a gift! Not just your voice but the way you have overcome so much adversity. I was bullied really badly for three years and know exactly what you went through. While your singing is a good revenge on your bullies, mine is writing. I hope you’ll check out some of my ramblings on my blogs 80smetalman, which is a music blog and Peaceful Rampage where I talk about issues such as bullying.

  2. Thank you for bravely sharing your story, Heide. You sing beautifully and have a wonderful, strong heart. I wish you only the best in life.

  3. I am catching on a few stories and this one touched my heart. As much as you certainly are a Gifted singer, it is great to see you using te talents you have been given to help others. The Trials and tribulations you went through are like mine. I would like to add, the bullying, spitting etc has been happening to me as an adult, by other adults. So it is great to see that you made it through and wil linspire young and old. Bullying has no boundaries for age, religion, race etc. Byllies are non judgemental and attack anyone they thing they can. well Done! Great post! Amazing Grace, our chains are broken, and we are set free!

    • Thank you very much for reading my story and being encouraged by it I don’t know how old you are but don’t let people treat you like that you need to open your mouth and stand up for that and if you can’t do it you need to get somebody to help you cuz you’re amazing you’re worthy and you should never be treated that way 🙂

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