40 Ways To Be A Better Person

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Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you. ~ Princess Diana

Sometimes you find the most unexpected items, particularly when you aren’t looking for them. I traveled recently to South Carolina and went to a restaurant that had positive cards on the table. I picked this one up and was pretty much in tears reading it. It was originally about marriage, but I read it as just a better way to treat each other. Welcome to 40 ways to be better at treating each other, including ourselves better.

  1. Start each day with a kind word
  2. Wear something that has a good memory for you each day
  3. See your friend or loved one(s) at least once a week
  4. Accept differences
  5. Be polite
  6. Give gifts
  7. Smile often
  8. Touch someone (both mentally and with care and concern)
  9. Give of yourself without expectation of reciprocation
  10. Laugh often
  11. Send a card to someone you care about for no reason
  12. Do what the other person wants before they ask
  13. Listen
  14. Encourage
  15. Know the other person’s needs
  16. Bring a nice gift to the person you care about
  17. Compliment at least twice a day
  18. Call or text the person you care about at least twice a day
  19. Slow down
  20. Hug like you mean it
  21. Share your warmth
  22. Ask for the other’s opinions
  23. Show respect
  24. Look your best
  25. Celebrate birthdays in a big way
  26. Apologize
  27. Forgive
  28. Set up a trip to go on together
  29. Be positive
  30. Be kind
  31. Be vulnerable
  32. Respond quickly to the other one’s request
  33. Reminisce about your favorite times together
  34. Treat each other’s friends and relatives with courtesy
  35. Remember special occasions with a card or gift
  36. Admit it when wrong
  37. Be sensitive to each other’s needs
  38. Pray for each other daily (or if you don’t pray send positive vibes)
  39. Say “I care for you” often
  40. Seek outside help when needed

Really, I think that all relationships can benefit from these forty items. Sure, I changed some words, but what if we were all this kind to each other? What great benefits and support this would offer to people we care about. Maybe you don’t agree with them all, but even if you did a few, wouldn’t that change things? Who thought a restaurant would bring wisdom? But always keep your eyes open, because I have found the most beautiful things can be in the most unexpected places.

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Alan Eisenberg is a Certified Life Coach, Bullying Recovery activist and author of "A Ladder In The Dark: My journey from bullying to self-acceptance" and "Crossing the Line". He has been writing and speaking to various audiences about the issue of C-PTSD and Bullying Recovery. Mr. Eisenberg has been featured on several print, radio shows and podcasts on this issue, including NPR and in the Boston Globe. He is currently working toward his Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling.
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