A Podcast with Kirk Smalley from Stand For the Silent about the Issue of Bullying and Suicide

Kirk Smalley

This special and emotional episode of Healthy University features our special guest, Kirk Smalley. Kirk Smalley is a passionate speaker and activist on the issue of bullying and suicide. He was featured in the movie “Bully” and is the face of the Stand For The Silent movement.Kirk is on a… Continue reading

Healthy University: Episode 14 – Anti-Bullying Speaker Keith Deltano Shares His Experience Talking About Bullying to Youth

Keith Deltano

Award winning teacher, educational comedian and curriculum creator, Keith Deltano, talks with host, Alan Eisenberg, about the issue of bullying his experiences touring the country talking to youth, it’s ramifications, and what can be done about it. Keith Deltano is a winner of the teaching excellence award. His DVD and comedy CD have… Continue reading

Healthy University: Episode 12 – Melissa Wilson on Surviving Bullying and Conquering the Long-term Effects

Melissa Wilson

Host Alan Eisenberg talks with Melissa Wilson about her story of surviving childhood bullying, the long-term effects it had on her life, and the positive ways she copes with what happend in the past. Melissa is the creator of TheGrassGetsGreener.com, a site that helps adult survivors of childhood trauma, particularly childhood… Continue reading

Healthy University: Episode 11 – Roy Eisenberg on Staying Positive through Adversity

Host Alan Eisenberg talks with his father, Roy Eisenberg, about facing difficult situations with a positive outlook Roy Eisenberg dealt with crippling encephalitis as a child, Lymphoma, and knee replacement more recently. Each time he used the technique of positive outlook and finding positive ways to fight his adversity. Roy… Continue reading

Healthy University: Episode 9 – Kristian Hall on Overcoming Depression

  Author Kristian Hall joins host Alan Eisenberg to discuss overcoming depression. Kristian Hall went through eleven years of deep depression as a teenager and student. He overcame his depression by practicing techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology. He took his true story and wrote a book on… Continue reading

Healthy University: Episode 7 – Lynn Curry discusses Beating the Workplace Bully

  Dr. Lynn Curry from The Growth Company discusses her new book “Beating the Workplace Bully” with host Alan Eisenberg. Dr. Curry is the President of The Growth Company, Inc., Lynne Curry brings her clients a track record in management consulting; Board, manager and employee training; human resources and organizational strategy… Continue reading

Healthy University: Episode 6 – Sharon Sayler discusses Mindfulness Unchained

Sharon Sayler is an international communications trainer, speaker, best-selling author and CEO of the strategic communications firm Competitive Edge Communications discusses Mindfulness Unchained with host Alan Eisenberg. Sharon is devoted to teaching professionals around the world how to be courageous leaders using critical communication skills. As a published author of… Continue reading

Healthy University: Episode 5 – Bully Proof Classroom with James Burns

Interview with James Burns founder of Bully Proof Classroom. He has almost 40 years of experience working as an administrator, teacher, college instructor, and seminar leader. He is committed to helping administrators, parents, and teachers establish standards of excellence and help them build successful relationships with their staff, students, and… Continue reading

Healthy University: Episode 4 – Power of Yoga for Healing and Mindfulness

On this episode, Karen Jaynes from All Ways Yoga discusses the importance of Yoga and mindfulness to hep bring peace to our minds and our lives. Yogini, Student, Teacher, Celebrant, Life Coach, Optimist, Friend, Spiritual Enthusiast, Motivator, Entreprenur, Animal Lover, Servant of Peace, Hiker, Kayaker, and future Mountain Climber, Karen Jaynes,… Continue reading