After The Death (Aharei Mot)

I was honored to be asked to deliver a sermon (really a speech) with a theme of bullying during services at my place of worship recently. I thought I would share the speech that I gave with you. It’s a bit lengthy, but I thought the subject matter appropriate to… Continue reading

9 Signs of Workplace Bullying

According to the website, there are nine signs that workplace bullying might be a problem at your office. According to a Washington State Department of Labor & Industries report, 47 million American workers or about 46% of them, say they have had to deal with bullying at work this… Continue reading

The Loss Of Self-Esteem Update (A Personal Story)

This is a first for me, but I have received a sequel story from Mariah who wrote to me with her “The Loss of Self-Esteem” story. Her words below are encouraging. Mariah has a positive outlook on the progress of her bullying problem and my guess is she has a… Continue reading

I Can’t Go To School (A Personal Story)

Taylor sent me this story of her struggle to go back to school. This is becoming more common among bullying victims and in fact, just recently I was reading about the building of Virtual High Schools by some states in order to accommodate public school for those that can’t get to a… Continue reading

Choosing Sides (A Personal Story)

Taylor shared this very personal story of her time being bullied. It shows the pain that comes when people you trust break that through their actions. Imagine that it happens to you all the time. How would you be as you grow up? Will you trust anyone around you? How… Continue reading

Bully Documentary In Theaters March 30th

A new documentary movie called “Bully” is being released. The movie is set to premiere on March 30th in theaters around the country. This powerful film takes an in-depth look at the bullying crisis taking place in this country. This movie looks to be a no holds barred view of… Continue reading

Bully Documentary In Theaters March 30th

A new documentary movie called “Bully” is being released. The movie is set to premiere on March 30th in theaters around the country. This powerful film takes an in-depth look at the bullying crisis taking place in this country. This movie looks to be a no holds barred view of… Continue reading

Bullying Scars For Life (A Personal Story)

A few months ago Mike submitted a story shared here called “Daydreams & Nightmares”. His story was very close to my own and shared both a personal knowledge of being bullied. Mike has submitted a second story to share here called “Bullying Scars for Life”, again sharing a very personal… Continue reading

A Pacifist’s Anger

Author and fellow anti-bullying contributor Karen Mueller Coombs asked me to guest blog on her website. She just posted my blog/story called “A Pacifist’s Anger”, in which I share some insights into my stories and more depth about my feelings of what happened to me. If you would like to… Continue reading

How Schools Can Deal with Bullying has published a list of “20 innovative ways that school are combating bullying”. The list is quite interesting and has some good information. The list includes concepts such as: Incorporating babies into the classroom Comic Books with bullying issues in them Films about bullying Have students teach each other… Continue reading

Drexel University to Host Free Bullying Webinar

Drexel University Online contacted me to let me know they are offering a free seminar on bullying. Drexel is teaming up with the university’s Center for the Prevention of School-Aged Violence to sponsor a live online Bullying Webinar hosted by Drexel University professor and Philadelphia-based youth advocate Dr. Chuck Williams.… Continue reading

Dealing with The Boss (A Personal Story)

I received this post from Xtina, who shares her story of trying to start her career and her troubles in the workplace. She works in the media field and I know first-hand as well how egos clash with trying to get the work done in this arena. It is supposed… Continue reading

An Unfriendly School (A Personal Story)

More and more, workplace bullying stories are starting to show up on the web and people are talking more about the harassment they suffer through in the workplace. What sometimes surprises me is the amount of workplace bullying stories that seem to happen at schools by other staff at schools… Continue reading

Bullying Law Summary Fact Sheet

The website has updated their “Bullying Law Summary Fact Sheet” that gives excellent information about each state’s current laws for cyberbullying. This very detailed report goes through which states currently have bullying laws, which ones they are proposed in, which have criminal sanctions, and which states have no active… Continue reading

USA Today’s Bullying Article Is Brutally Honest

Bruce Kugler, a contributing writer for USA Today wrote a very strong article on bullying titled “Bullying in USA: Are we defenseless?” In this straightforward article, Mr. Kugler brings up the latest victims of the bullying issue and asks the question to us all in his article title. What’s the… Continue reading

The Fat Boy Chronicles

I recently received a screening  copy of the new movie, “The Fat Boy Chronicles“, a story about obesity and bullying based on the book by Diane Lang and Michael Buchanan. the book and the movie are inspired by a true story, which is not hard to believe given that the… Continue reading

Bullying and Passive Agressiveness

I came across an interesting article about the idea of eliminating passive aggressive behavior published in August 2011 on the site and authored by Jake Lawson. The article sparked for me many issues that I believe people who deal with the long-term effects of bullying have to face. One of the… Continue reading

The Verdict is in for Parents of Phoebe Prince

CNN reported that the settlement for the parents of Phoebe Prince has been released and made public. The verdict in the case of the 15-year old Phoebe Prince, who committed suicide after relentless bullying by her classmates was completed in November of 2010, but the records were sealed until recently.… Continue reading

A Lesson In Differences and Understanding (A Personal Story)

I received the below story from Rahajeng, who shares both her new understanding of being bullied by “friends” and also a history lesson for us all about the culture she comes from and her name. Based on her story, I looked up her name and, at least in Balinese it… Continue reading

A Fine Line Between Autism and Bullying (A Personal Story)

Lisa sent me her story, which has ties to how children that have to deal with autism and special education end up also having to deal with bullying. This has become a common theme in many of the media stories out there today. As more autistic children have been mainstreamed… Continue reading

The Skinny Girl (A Personal Story)

Sometimes when you read a story about bullying, it seems like such a simple minor story and you ask yourself, “why is that person so affected by that incident”? Typically the answer is you really don’t know the whole story. Here is Kelsey’s story, which she bravely shares. She gives… Continue reading

Six Degrees of Separation No More

Being a child of the 70’s, sometimes I fall back on my old thinking, that there were six degrees of separation between us all and therefore, none of us are that easily found. I remember in the early 90’s, there was even a fun game we used to play called… Continue reading

Author Karen Mueller Coombs Shares Her Story

I am honored to have award-winning author, Karen Mueller Coombs guest blog on my site. Ms. Coombs is a former elementary school teacher who knows first-hand what bullying is like. She shares her knowledge and experience in the blog below and in her book, Bully at Ambush Corner. I am… Continue reading

Bullying and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Part 4)

I found a new article on bullying and PTSD written by Jaime Castillo, a counselor from New York. Mr. Castillo had just read the book 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult and the book also looks at the concept of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a long-term effect of bullying and abuse. Mr.… Continue reading

A Thinking Man’s Bully Is An Interesting Idea

Michael Adelberg has written an interesting fictional novel called “A Thinking Man’s Bully”. It is a book that looks at the life of a former Bully who now sees how, as a parent, he has passed on his bully ways to his son. I talked to Michael via email and… Continue reading

The Drowning of Stephan Jones

Bette Greene, Author of the classic “Summer of My German Soldier” has written a book on bullying titled “The Drowning of Stephan Jones”. First released in 1999, Ms. Greene has re-released it recently as an ebook and it is a very powerful story indeed. Based on true events, this story… Continue reading

Child’s Play – A Short Film

Matt Firpo, a senior at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts is creating an interesting film for his thesis project and sent me information to share with you. Matt decided to make a film titled “Child’s Play” , a coming-of-age tale about bullies, revenge, and growing up in… Continue reading

Daydreams and Nightmares (A Personal Story)

I believe that I have found a kindred spirit in Mike, who sent me this chapter from his forthcoming book. Mike wrote to me to tell me he found my site and that sharing stories is something he believes is important as well. Mike is a 52-year-old educator who went… Continue reading

Featured on Safe Start Center

Safe Start Center, a federal program that focuses on helping children who are exposed to violence recently interviewed me for an article that they have now posted titled “Bullying Victims Use Stories for Advocacy”. In the article, we discuss this site and why I decided to share my stories. You… Continue reading

Famous & Successful People Get Bullied Too

Jasmine at shared a blog article they posted on 15 famous and successful people who have shared their stories of being bullied. This helps us all by sharing our stories and hearing from “famous” people that they also went through some tough times. Bullying can make a student want… Continue reading