Eaglebait and the True Definition of the Word Bully

I am once again lucky to be able to present an article from another author of a book about the damage bullying can do. Susan Coryell is the author of Eaglebait and a retired teacher from my end of the country, Virginia. She contacted me after she found this site… Continue reading

Everything Happens For a Reason

I will admit that one of the perks to having created this blog/website is the opportunity to make contact with and learn about other people around the world who are also involved in the anti-bullying movement. When I first started this site, I certainly felt alone as an adult who… Continue reading

Statement on the Death of James Hubley

City of Ottowa, Canada’s Councillor, Allen Hubley released a statement on the suicide of his son, Jamie. While he does not blame bullies for what happened to his son, it is certainly a part of his statement and clear that it did not help. As in many cases, depression plays… Continue reading

Have You Talked To Your Child About Bullying Lately?

I am happy to have Kathryn Rinaldi offer to guest blog on the Bullying Stories website. The subject of why kids bully other kids is one touched on a lot here and Kathryn shares some insights in her article below. I thank Kathryn for sharing here. ~Alan Eisenberg With the… Continue reading

Bullying It Stops Here

Anderson Cooper, a reporter who has been an active Anti-Bullying supporter, had a special on CNN last week called “Bullying It Stops Here”. During this hour long program, Anderson actively and emotionally talked about the issue of Bullying. Below is the entire program in segments for you to watch. It’s… Continue reading

Words Will Never Hurt Me – But Actions Will Heal. Using Examples To Stop Bullying

I talked with Rebecca, who works for SpyTown.com, a group that sells spy/surveillance equipment. Not only do they have that business, but they also take an active part in the anti-bullying movement by sharing knowledge and information and helping to try to stop bullying. I offered and they accepted to… Continue reading

Lady Gaga says “Bullying Is For Losers”

You may or may not like Lady Gaga, but you can’t deny that she is currently one of the most watched and influential artists to our younger generation today. This weekend, Lady Gaga dedicated here song, Hair, to Jeremy Rodemeyer, the young man who killed himself after being bullied relentlessly.… Continue reading

Mustache Man Anti-Bullying Video

The “YouTube” guy known as Mustache Man has put together a large-scale production anti-bullying video called “The Epic I CARE Mustache Man Anti-Bullying and Suicide Prevention Video”. Production values are high and he has found a way to bring the message to an audience in an entertaining and informative way.… Continue reading

For One Boy, It Didn’t Get Better

The other day I was invited to speak to a college class that was completing their master program on Conflict Resolution. I was honored to be able to speak to them on the issue of bullying as they are studying to become people who can and I hope will make… Continue reading

Bullying Blog Resource

Matt from the website “Masters In Counseling” listed the 50 best blogs on Bullying. It is a good resource for finding information on bullying issues. He was kind enough to include this site as well in his list. Go to www.mastersincounseling.com/50-best-blogs-on-bullying to see the full list. Please follow and like us: Continue reading

T-Shirt Company Supports Bullying Awareness Month

A company in my neighborhood is creating special T-Shirts for Bullying Awareness Month in October and donating all proceeds from the purchase of these shirts to “STOMP Out Bullying“, a leading national anti-bullying program. CustomInk, an online t-shirt creator is involved in the “Be Good to Each Other” campaign. CustomInk… Continue reading

A “Special” Child (A Personal Story)

Schools have their own internal discrimination techniques that can actually encourage bullying to happen. By classifying children as Special Needs or other categories, we put a level of “difference” on them that can lead to bullying tactics. While it is hard to figure out how to not do this and… Continue reading

All it took was an apology, and the healing began…….

I had to share this story from another blogger that shares their personal experience with bullying and how a small gesture can make all the difference. All it took was an apology, and the healing began…….. Thank you AM for sharing. Please follow and like us: Continue reading

New Jersey Enacts the Toughest Bullying Law in the Nation

On September 1st, New Jersey began a new law that is called the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights. As has been discussed on this website several times, laws were on the way because of the media attention that has been shined on the bullying issue in the last few years. While… Continue reading

An 8th Grader Tells It In Words

There is so much bullying news now, sometimes the most important stories get behind me. Like this video, posted by Alye, an 8th grader, who was bullied and used a video to send a powerful message. Her video uses words only and explains just by these words how she feels… Continue reading

An 8th Grader Tells It In Words

There is so much bullying news now, sometimes the most important stories get behind me. Like this video, posted by Alye, an 8th grader, who was bullied and used a video to send a powerful message. Her video uses words only and explains just by these words how she feels… Continue reading

MTV Documentary Looking for Your Bully Story

Have you been the victim of bullying or are you currently being bullied? Do you have an inspirational story that’s seen you overcome your abuse? Would you like the chance to share your experiences? MTV and Firecracker Films are making a powerful and groundbreaking film that explores the universal stories… Continue reading

School Photographer Takes A Stand Against Cyberbullies

I found a great and inspirational story on Yahoo News this morning that I wanted to share here. A school photographer in Pennsylvania is receiving kudos for deciding not to take the school pictures of four girls who were the creators of a Facebook page devoted to cyberbullying. The photographer,… Continue reading

The Loss of Self-Esteem (A Personal Story)

What does it truly take to break a person? If the bullying never happened to us, would we be more attractive, more outgoing and friendly, more caring about ourselves and others? When I read Mariah’s story I couldn’t stop thinking about her experiences that she so dramatically shares and about… Continue reading

The Bullying Yearbook 2011

As another school year comes to an end, it’s a good time to look back and take a pulse on where the year has taken us with helping to stop bullying.  This year, there have continued to be many stories making headlines this year and some maybe changing the landscape… Continue reading

20 Years Later and It Still Hurts (A Personal Story)

Jennifer was brave enough to send me her story which has all too familiar themes of bullying from 20 years ago. If anything, it helps to know that you are not alone in the types of bullying that happens to you. Jennifer’s stories are so similar to many heard and… Continue reading

Digital Discourse and Online Civility

Iowa Public Radio aired an hour long show discussing Digital Discourse and Online Civility.  On the show as guests were  Andrea Weckerle, the Founder and President of CiviliNation.org and Warren Blumfeld of Iowa State University. The show contains excellent discussion about past issues and the future issues facing our active digital nation on the… Continue reading

Fire It Up With CJ Radio Show

Several weeks ago, I appeared on the “Fire It Up With CJ” radio show to discuss my experiences with bullying and talk to CJ about “firing up” our community to try to solve the issue of bullying. CJ Liu has a great radio show in “Fire It Up With CJ”.… Continue reading

Bully Block: A Great New App for your Smartphone

I personally love new technology and the power that it brings to us. While many worry about the cyberbullying aspect of these technologies, I have faith that more good people will develop ways to help us in life instead of hurt us. Sedgrid Lewis, CEO of Spy Parent is one of the… Continue reading

Singer Lexz Pryde Shares Anti-Bullying Message

New young singer/artist Lexz Pryde has recorded a song (“Perfect Creation”) and created a message sharing her anti-bullying message. This is the second of several young singer/artists that I have received messages from who are writing songs and sharing their message about the bullying problem. I wish them all luck in… Continue reading

A New Anti-Bullying Group – CiviliNation

There’s a new anti-bullying group and website started called “CiviliNation”. Their mission is to foster a safe and civil online culture where folks can fully engage and contribute without fear or threat of abuse. In other words, to stop online bullying. With cyberbullying continuing to make Front Page News, it’s… Continue reading

Anti-Bullying Music Video – The Same

Several wonderful people have contacted me with links and anti-bullying information and I have fallen behind on posting them. One that I have meant to get to is this music video by the teen group “Michael & Marisa” called “The Same”. I’m not sure it will get as many hits… Continue reading

Bullying and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Part 3)

In continuing through the main theme of this site, which is the long-term effects of bullying on the psych, I have continued to research articles about how bullying leads to PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Dr. Susanne Babbel, Ph.D., MFT, a psychologist that specializes in trauma and depression, wrote an… Continue reading

14 Year Old Cancer Survivor’s Friend Cyberbullies Her

Here’s yet another story out of Massachusetts of a cyberbullying case with a terrible twist. According to an article in the Huffington Post, a fourteen year old girl, who survived cancer when she was ten  and lost a leg in her cancer battle was being relentlessly cyberbullied. The cyberbullying got so increasingly… Continue reading

Make Your Bully Story into a Short Film

As this website is titled “Bullying Stories” and shares people’s personal stories, I wanted to share an opportunity you have to have an A-list Actress direct a short story based on your bullying story. You can submit a story to them at their website at http://glamourreelmoments.com. They are looking for… Continue reading

Study Looks at Bully-Proofing Recess Playgrounds

There was an interesting study done on how to bully-proof a school playground that I found at the education.com website. I pulled some highlights from the study findings referenced in the article that I am sharing here. In the article, it discusses techniques for setting up school playgrounds to create… Continue reading

Video of Boy Who Fights Back Against Bully

There’s a new viral video making the rounds, along with a media blitz about Casey Heynes, the boy caught on tape fighting back against his bully. This story is out of Australia and has gotten international attention. The video shows how Casey snapped when being taunted and punched and picks… Continue reading

White House Tackles Bullying Issue

Today, the White House and President and First Lady held a conference on bullying prevention. This is a major step in the United States recognizing that bullying is a larger problem than just kids being kids. Held in the East Room of the White House, 150 anti-bullying activists in the… Continue reading

Throw Ricky In The Garbage (A Personal Story)

Knowing you are not alone is an important element in understanding bullying. I think bullying is a very personal issue and causes us to feel alone and that no one understands. This can certainly lead to terrible consequences. When I first asked for stories from others, I was surprised at… Continue reading

Pink Shirt Day 2011

Wednesday, February 23rd is the official “Pink Shirt Day”, one of the largest Anti-bullying movement days currently being done. If you are a regular reader to my website, then you know the “Pink Shirt Story” already, which is one of the best examples of bystanders taking action to stop bullying.… Continue reading

Bullying Interview on Davis and Joyner Radio Show

Listen to internet radio with Davis And Joyner on Blog Talk Radio Today I was interviewed on the “Davis and Joyner Radio Show” which is part of the Blogtalkradio network. Our discussion was on “Bullying: A National Epidemic or Kids Just Being Kids”. It was a very lively interview and… Continue reading

Interview with Bullying Victim Nadin Khoury on The View

While bullying happens to many every day, the video of Nadin Khoury being bullied went viral and has been a focus recently. Nadin went on “The View” to tell his story and inspired everyone with his bravery. He also received an emotional surprise visit. Here’s what happened in these video… Continue reading