What Happens in Las Vegas, New Mexico Shouldn’t Stay In Vegas

My friend Ken forwarded me an article from Sports Illustrated.com that is incredibly disturbing. It’s the story of six high school football players in Las Vegas, New Mexico who were accused of sodomizing six rookie teammates with a broomstick during their training camp, while the coaches pretended not to know… Continue reading

Freedom from Bullies Week – October 19-25, 2008

The Human Resources community has put together a “Freedom from Bullies Week for 2008 from October 19-25th! This is for workplace bully issues as defined as: Bullying comes in many forms but normally involves any repeated behavior meant to intimidate, humiliate or degrade another individual. A few examples of behavior… Continue reading

Bully Incident #15: The New Home (1981)

Soon after my final fight with Ryan, my father got a new assignment in Washington, DC. We moved to Fairfax, Virginia from Lexington, Mass. I felt that I could get away from the bullies and start a new life at age 13 in a place far away from those kids… Continue reading

Do The Victims “Ask” To Be Bullied?

The Billy Wolfe blog post I put up a few weeks ago has generated quite the conversation. Given that the New York Times published the big story, I am not surprised at the amount of involvement in conversation that this post generated. That said, I am surprised at the wonderful… Continue reading

Bully Incident #14: The Weapon – A Decision of Fear (1980)

“I’m going to kill you!” That’s where we left off last, with Ryan saying those words to me. I don’t really recall the next few thinking steps I made. I was only 12 or 13 at the time. I just recall the fear I had and the belief that I really… Continue reading

Joan Bedinger (1939-2008): My Mentor

And now for something completely different… I found out last week that my mentor, teacher, and friend Joan Bedinger passed away. Joan was my high school drama teacher from 1982-1986 and my friend and mentor after that. While we drifted apart over the years, Joan was never far from my… Continue reading

IES Releases 2007 School Crime & Safety Study

The Institute of Education Sciences National Center for Education Statistics released their 2007 study results on School Crime and Safety in the United States. I feel it’s needless to say that the statistics are still incredibly alarming when it comes to bullying and kids feeling safe at school. It’s not… Continue reading

Bullying Incident #13: The Fight with the Loyal Lieutenant (1979)

At the end of my last personal post, I talked about  Ryan and his gang. As with many bullies, they surround themselves with a “posse” of other boys who are not necessarily bullies by nature, but are part of the gang that the bully uses to play off of. I can’t… Continue reading

Mo. City Makes Online Bullying Illegal

Been reading the paper lately? Dardenne Prairie, Missouri has passed a law making online harrassment a crime. This new law was passed in the wake of the city officials learning of the terrible story of Megan Meier, who committed suicide at age 13 after being bullied online by the mother… Continue reading

Bullying Incident #12: Life At Jonas Clarke Middle School (1979)

At the end of my last personal blog, I discussed that it was the end of elementary school for me and off to my new Middle School, Jonas Clarke Junior High. The school was situated right next to the elementary school, so I still had to continue to walk to… Continue reading

Tami McCandlish’s Triumph

I am happy to let you know that Tami McCandlish has put together and launched her non-profit organization to help people deal with the issue of female bullying. As Tami says on her new Triumph Organzation site: Triumph is devoted to dealing with female bullying, also known as relational aggression,… Continue reading

Jonas Clarke Doesn’t Tolerate Bullying

For those of you who have been reading my personal bullying stories, I am at the point where I transitioned from Elementary School (6th Grade) to my new school, Jonas Clarke Junior High School, which is now called Jonas Clarke Middle School,in Lexington, Massachusetts. Unfortunately, bullying issues followed me to my… Continue reading

Bullying Incident #11: Ryan Is My Best Friend & Worst Enemy (1978)

This particular bullying story of my life starts very positively. I feel it will be important to establish my friendship with Ryan with you, so you understand how this particular relationship has led to some long-term effects for me. It seems so difficult to believe that almost 30 years goes… Continue reading

Bullying Is Exaggerated?

Right now I’m somewhat speachless about this article I found coming out of “The Observer” in the UK. It speaks for itself. The level of playground bullying is being exaggerated and children must learn to cope with name-calling and teasing to help them develop resilience, a childhood expert says. In… Continue reading

How’s the Documentary Going?

Someone at work the other day asked me how my progress on the documentary film on bullying was coming. “Well”, I said, “I started the blog back about 6 months ago now and really have just started to see progress on that.” Not a very good answer, no doubt. The truth… Continue reading

Bully Incident #10: The Long Halloween (1979)

Being that Halloween is next week, it seems an appropriate time to tell the bully story I recall for Halloween. On one level I loved Halloween as a kid. Who didn’t? But the 70’s was somewhat of a strange time for Halloween as a kid. Schools gave us these boxes… Continue reading

Bully Incident #9: The Final Stand with Bob (1979)

If you read my last Bully Incident story, you read about the moment I decided t0 fight back. This was not really what I wanted to do, but unfortunately learned that it had an effect that I wanted. Now, that bully was no longer a bully to me. Bob though… Continue reading

Take That Bullies…Here’s Paul Potts

Unfortunately I don’t live in Britain, because I missed seeing Paul Potts rise above his low self-confidence to win “Britain’s Got Talent”, with his masterful operatic voice. In this clip from the show, Paul admits that his lack of self-confidence prevented him from finding his dream. He admits that bullies… Continue reading

STAND UP! to Bullys

November 18-24, 2007 is Bullying Awareness Week. During this week several organizations are looking for grass roots support to get the word out and have programs happen to increase awareness. I am happy to help by providing you this link to www.bullyingawarenessweek.org and putting information on this site. The theme… Continue reading

Bully Incident #8: The Big Nose & The Black Eye (1979)

Sorry for the delay in writing. I’m sure you know how summer gets with vacations and the such. While I know I would love to write all of the time, time is not on my side. I volunteer many hours to groups that want more and more of my time.… Continue reading

Bully Incident #6: The Principal (1977)

During the years of Bob bullying me, there were many moments where the adults let me down. Looking back, I would chalk most of that up to either a lack of understanding of the issues of bullying or just the “kids being kids” mentality that I think a lot of… Continue reading

New Study Has Alarming Bullying Rates

Researchers at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital and the Standford University School of Medicine have recently finished a study on bullying that has alarming statistics. In the study, it concluded that 9 out of 10 elementary students on average have been bullied by their peers. Wow! That is a scary statistic.… Continue reading

Bully Incident #1: You Killed Jesus (1976)

As part of my understanding the bullying that happened to me, I’ve decided to chronologically tell the incidents of my being bullied starting from my earliest memories. As an adult, I often wonder if these stories are exaggerated from the mind of the child I was. I don’t believe so,… Continue reading