USA Today’s Bullying Article Is Brutally Honest

Bruce Kugler, a contributing writer for USA Today wrote a very strong article on bullying titled “Bullying in USA: Are we defenseless?” In this straightforward article, Mr. Kugler brings up the latest victims of the bullying issue and asks the question to us all in his article title. What’s the… Continue reading

The Fat Boy Chronicles

I recently received a screening  copy of the new movie, “The Fat Boy Chronicles“, a story about obesity and bullying based on the book by Diane Lang and Michael Buchanan. the book and the movie are inspired by a true story, which is not hard to believe given that the… Continue reading

Bullying and Passive Agressiveness

I came across an interesting article about the idea of eliminating passive aggressive behavior published in August 2011 on the site and authored by Jake Lawson. The article sparked for me many issues that I believe people who deal with the long-term effects of bullying have to face. One of the… Continue reading

The Verdict is in for Parents of Phoebe Prince

CNN reported that the settlement for the parents of Phoebe Prince has been released and made public. The verdict in the case of the 15-year old Phoebe Prince, who committed suicide after relentless bullying by her classmates was completed in November of 2010, but the records were sealed until recently.… Continue reading

A Lesson In Differences and Understanding (A Personal Story)

I received the below story from Rahajeng, who shares both her new understanding of being bullied by “friends” and also a history lesson for us all about the culture she comes from and her name. Based on her story, I looked up her name and, at least in Balinese it… Continue reading

A Fine Line Between Autism and Bullying (A Personal Story)

Lisa sent me her story, which has ties to how children that have to deal with autism and special education end up also having to deal with bullying. This has become a common theme in many of the media stories out there today. As more autistic children have been mainstreamed… Continue reading

The Skinny Girl (A Personal Story)

Sometimes when you read a story about bullying, it seems like such a simple minor story and you ask yourself, “why is that person so affected by that incident”? Typically the answer is you really don’t know the whole story. Here is Kelsey’s story, which she bravely shares. She gives… Continue reading

Six Degrees of Separation No More

Being a child of the 70’s, sometimes I fall back on my old thinking, that there were six degrees of separation between us all and therefore, none of us are that easily found. I remember in the early 90’s, there was even a fun game we used to play called… Continue reading

Author Karen Mueller Coombs Shares Her Story

I am honored to have award-winning author, Karen Mueller Coombs guest blog on my site. Ms. Coombs is a former elementary school teacher who knows first-hand what bullying is like. She shares her knowledge and experience in the blog below and in her book, Bully at Ambush Corner. I am… Continue reading

Bullying and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Part 4)

I found a new article on bullying and PTSD written by Jaime Castillo, a counselor from New York. Mr. Castillo had just read the book 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult and the book also looks at the concept of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a long-term effect of bullying and abuse. Mr.… Continue reading

A Thinking Man’s Bully Is An Interesting Idea

Michael Adelberg has written an interesting fictional novel called “A Thinking Man’s Bully”. It is a book that looks at the life of a former Bully who now sees how, as a parent, he has passed on his bully ways to his son. I talked to Michael via email and… Continue reading

Child’s Play – A Short Film

Matt Firpo, a senior at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts is creating an interesting film for his thesis project and sent me information to share with you. Matt decided to make a film titled “Child’s Play” , a coming-of-age tale about bullies, revenge, and growing up in… Continue reading

Daydreams and Nightmares (A Personal Story)

I believe that I have found a kindred spirit in Mike, who sent me this chapter from his forthcoming book. Mike wrote to me to tell me he found my site and that sharing stories is something he believes is important as well. Mike is a 52-year-old educator who went… Continue reading

Featured on Safe Start Center

Safe Start Center, a federal program that focuses on helping children who are exposed to violence recently interviewed me for an article that they have now posted titled “Bullying Victims Use Stories for Advocacy”. In the article, we discuss this site and why I decided to share my stories. You… Continue reading

Famous & Successful People Get Bullied Too

Jasmine at shared a blog article they posted on 15 famous and successful people who have shared their stories of being bullied. This helps us all by sharing our stories and hearing from “famous” people that they also went through some tough times. Bullying can make a student want… Continue reading

Eaglebait and the True Definition of the Word Bully

I am once again lucky to be able to present an article from another author of a book about the damage bullying can do. Susan Coryell is the author of Eaglebait and a retired teacher from my end of the country, Virginia. She contacted me after she found this site… Continue reading

Everything Happens For a Reason

I will admit that one of the perks to having created this blog/website is the opportunity to make contact with and learn about other people around the world who are also involved in the anti-bullying movement. When I first started this site, I certainly felt alone as an adult who… Continue reading

Statement on the Death of James Hubley

City of Ottowa, Canada’s Councillor, Allen Hubley released a statement on the suicide of his son, Jamie. While he does not blame bullies for what happened to his son, it is certainly a part of his statement and clear that it did not help. As in many cases, depression plays… Continue reading

Have You Talked To Your Child About Bullying Lately?

I am happy to have Kathryn Rinaldi offer to guest blog on the Bullying Stories website. The subject of why kids bully other kids is one touched on a lot here and Kathryn shares some insights in her article below. I thank Kathryn for sharing here. ~Alan Eisenberg With the… Continue reading

Bullying It Stops Here

Anderson Cooper, a reporter who has been an active Anti-Bullying supporter, had a special on CNN last week called “Bullying It Stops Here”. During this hour long program, Anderson actively and emotionally talked about the issue of Bullying. Below is the entire program in segments for you to watch. It’s… Continue reading

Words Will Never Hurt Me – But Actions Will Heal. Using Examples To Stop Bullying

I talked with Rebecca, who works for, a group that sells spy/surveillance equipment. Not only do they have that business, but they also take an active part in the anti-bullying movement by sharing knowledge and information and helping to try to stop bullying. I offered and they accepted to… Continue reading

Lady Gaga says “Bullying Is For Losers”

You may or may not like Lady Gaga, but you can’t deny that she is currently one of the most watched and influential artists to our younger generation today. This weekend, Lady Gaga dedicated here song, Hair, to Jeremy Rodemeyer, the young man who killed himself after being bullied relentlessly.… Continue reading

Mustache Man Anti-Bullying Video

The “YouTube” guy known as Mustache Man has put together a large-scale production anti-bullying video called “The Epic I CARE Mustache Man Anti-Bullying and Suicide Prevention Video”. Production values are high and he has found a way to bring the message to an audience in an entertaining and informative way.… Continue reading

For One Boy, It Didn’t Get Better

The other day I was invited to speak to a college class that was completing their master program on Conflict Resolution. I was honored to be able to speak to them on the issue of bullying as they are studying to become people who can and I hope will make… Continue reading

Bullying Blog Resource

Matt from the website “Masters In Counseling” listed the 50 best blogs on Bullying. It is a good resource for finding information on bullying issues. He was kind enough to include this site as well in his list. Go to to see the full list. Please follow and like us: Continue reading

T-Shirt Company Supports Bullying Awareness Month

A company in my neighborhood is creating special T-Shirts for Bullying Awareness Month in October and donating all proceeds from the purchase of these shirts to “STOMP Out Bullying“, a leading national anti-bullying program. CustomInk, an online t-shirt creator is involved in the “Be Good to Each Other” campaign. CustomInk… Continue reading

A “Special” Child (A Personal Story)

Schools have their own internal discrimination techniques that can actually encourage bullying to happen. By classifying children as Special Needs or other categories, we put a level of “difference” on them that can lead to bullying tactics. While it is hard to figure out how to not do this and… Continue reading

All it took was an apology, and the healing began…….

I had to share this story from another blogger that shares their personal experience with bullying and how a small gesture can make all the difference. All it took was an apology, and the healing began…….. Thank you AM for sharing. Please follow and like us: Continue reading

New Jersey Enacts the Toughest Bullying Law in the Nation

On September 1st, New Jersey began a new law that is called the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights. As has been discussed on this website several times, laws were on the way because of the media attention that has been shined on the bullying issue in the last few years. While… Continue reading

An 8th Grader Tells It In Words

There is so much bullying news now, sometimes the most important stories get behind me. Like this video, posted by Alye, an 8th grader, who was bullied and used a video to send a powerful message. Her video uses words only and explains just by these words how she feels… Continue reading

An 8th Grader Tells It In Words

There is so much bullying news now, sometimes the most important stories get behind me. Like this video, posted by Alye, an 8th grader, who was bullied and used a video to send a powerful message. Her video uses words only and explains just by these words how she feels… Continue reading

MTV Documentary Looking for Your Bully Story

Have you been the victim of bullying or are you currently being bullied? Do you have an inspirational story that’s seen you overcome your abuse? Would you like the chance to share your experiences? MTV and Firecracker Films are making a powerful and groundbreaking film that explores the universal stories… Continue reading

School Photographer Takes A Stand Against Cyberbullies

I found a great and inspirational story on Yahoo News this morning that I wanted to share here. A school photographer in Pennsylvania is receiving kudos for deciding not to take the school pictures of four girls who were the creators of a Facebook page devoted to cyberbullying. The photographer,… Continue reading

Attacked by Cyberbullies (A Personal Story)

Robin sent me the below story of how she had been the victim of cyber bullies. Her story of how these attacks take place and the repercussions of them is becoming an all too familiar one. What can we do to stop vicious impersonation attacks and the theft of our identities. It is… Continue reading

The Loss of Self-Esteem (A Personal Story)

What does it truly take to break a person? If the bullying never happened to us, would we be more attractive, more outgoing and friendly, more caring about ourselves and others? When I read Mariah’s story I couldn’t stop thinking about her experiences that she so dramatically shares and about… Continue reading

The Bullying Yearbook 2011

As another school year comes to an end, it’s a good time to look back and take a pulse on where the year has taken us with helping to stop bullying.  This year, there have continued to be many stories making headlines this year and some maybe changing the landscape… Continue reading