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Alan Eisenberg“A Ladder In The Dark” author, certified life coach and “Bullying Recovery, LLC” founder, Alan Eisenberg, can be booked to come and present at your event. You can download a sample of Alan’s 1 hour presentation by filling out the form below. After you fill out the form, the sample presentation will be available to you, so you have an idea of Alan’s presentation content, which can include a reading from his memoir. This particular sample was created for a high school audience. Alan believes in a presentation style coined “INFOTAINMENT”. He has been developing learning content as an Instructional Designer and learning developer for over 20 years and found that the delivery of the content in both an informative and entertaining way works best. Alan studied theater for 4 years under his mentor, Joan Bedinger and also hosted several television shows, postcasts, and presentations. He has been in countless plays and hosted several video and podcast shows as well UCIas presented to thousands of people. He understands that difficult information is better accepted by audiences if you also entertain them through storytelling, scenario showing, and quality presenting that involves audience interaction. In addition, Alan adds true emotion of his own experience with bullying in an honest and truly special way that is not soon forgotten by the people that see him speak. Alan was invited and spoke at the 2017 University of Auburn Anti-bullying Summit to school counselors and organizational leaders.

If you are interested in booking Mr. Eisenberg for an upcoming event please contact us at or by phone at 703-975-9220. You can view the various types of presentation options on the presentation options page. Alan has over eight years of experience presenting on the subject of bullying to a variety of audiences, including:

  • K-12 school children assemblies
  • College audience speaking
  • College psychology programs
  • College psychology & social work masters programs
  • Summits and Conferences
  • School administrators
  • Adult audiences
  • Book Clubs
  • Library teen and adult community organizations
  • Corporate Meetings and Events

Watch this video showing Alan Eisenberg as a presenter, sharing his stories and lessons through lessons, stories, and research about the issue of bullying. The presentation in this video was given to a synagogue high school group and Alan was requested to talk about the stories from his memoir and share his research on the issue of bullying with the audience.

Alan works with you and your organization to tailor his program to meet your requirements for both content and time. Alan keeps up with the latest research on the issue of bullying and shares current and factual information on the subject in a compelling and captivating way, through audience interaction, video, audio, and storytelling. You can see where Alan is booked for speaking engagements and his availability on the Calendar link from this site.


Quotes from Attendees at Alan Eisenberg’s Speaking Events

“As an adjunct professor in Conflict Resolution at George Mason University, I had the opportunity to teach a course in interpersonal conflict and we had a session dealing with bullying. Alan spoke to the class and in his personal and heartfelt way touched the students in ways they never expected in a college course. Hearing him describe the pain he felt and how he responded, were inspirational to all of us. His authentic portrayal of the life of one who is bullied makes him a great speaker who makes a difference when he speaks.”
Bruce Aft
Adjunct Professor – George Mason University / Rabbi

About “A Ladder In The Dark”

“This book should become standard reading in school psychology programs for a lot of reasons.”
Errol Segal, MD

“Alan has an easy way about him that is honest, matter of fact, yet very personal.  I have seen even teens respond to him openly as he shares his story.  Alan makes no pretenses of recovery and encourages others to empower themselves by 'doing the work'.  His audiences are diverse and he is aptly prepared and connective to all.”

Karen Jaynes
CEO & Founder of All Ways Yoga

“Mr. Eisenberg's presentation was truly moving and inspirational. It is amazing how he incorporates his own personal experiences to confront bullying as an issue facing all people. There is a valuable lesson from his true life story that children and adults alike can use, and if followed the world might just be a better place.”

Nathan Pillai
Teen Advisory Board Student
Robinson High School / Burke Library

'Alan’s presentation was extremely powerful and captivating! He was very cooperative and willing to present to a wide range of age groups and it definitely provided everyone with valuable insight on bullying. It has been a pleasure working with him!'

Amna Tahir
Teen Advisory Board Student
Robinson High School / Burke Library

'”Alan Eisenberg's' presentation was insightful and heartfelt. We really appreciated 'him' talking at the anti-bullying fair.”

Deanna Meyer
Teen Advisory Board Student
Robinson High School / Burke Library

'Alan’s presentation at the Burke Centre Library’s Anti-Bully Fair engaged the audience, raised awareness, and offered supportive coping strategies for young adults in the community.'

Nancy Klein
Youth Services Manager
Burke Centre Library

“Very honest, very sincere presentation. Thank you for sharing your story.”
Nancy S.
Book Club Discussion Participant

“The book review of A Ladder In The Dark and broader discussion on bullying was thought provoking and resurfaced incidents and scenarios from long ago. It was also helpful to hear of methods and approaches that can be used to reach out to both bullies and victims. Thank you.”
Alen M
Book Club Discussion Participant

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