Presentation Options

Presentation Options

Certified Life Coach, Alan Eisenberg, and Bullying Recovery, LLC have a variety of different types of presentations, depending on your organizations audience and needs. We have presented to community groups and schools for over 8 years and have done countless events. Below are the types of presentations Bullying Recovery offers to your organization. Alan and his team will work closely with your organization to tailor any of the below presentations to make sure they meet your organizational requirements and educational needs.

  1. “Bullying and the Damage Done” – This educational one-hour presentation is appropriate for all college audiences7-12 students and school administrators and counselors. During this presentation, Alan will focus on the long-term effects that bullying has on people, particularly youth bullying. Discussion topics include Cyberbullying, Ignoring, Verbal, and Physical bullying. Alan will share with the audience his own personal story of the long-term effects of bullying and do several interactive activities to keep the audience engaged. The presentation ends with a reading from Alan’s memoir and a question and answer period. Bullying Recovery will have a takeaway product from the session for all audience members.

  2. “Bullying Stories – A True Experience” – The one-hour presentation focuses on Alan Eisenberg’s personal stories from his memoir and how the bullying in his youth affected who he was as an adult. Discussions of his recovery methods and the researched facts about Complex PTSD are discussed as well to reinforce that the long-term damage of bullying is real. This is a very emotional and personal session that hits home how real the damage of bullying is, but ends with the inspiring ways it can get better. A question and answer period completes the program. This program is appropriate for college audiences, 6-12 grade school children as well as adult school members and organizations. Discussion topics include Alan’s personal stories of poor decision-making due to bullying and thoughts of suicide and violence, C-PTSD research and what the research community is discovering about the long-term effects of bullying, types of bullying, methods of bullying recovery. Topics also include how to get support for recovery, including psychiatry, psychology, life coaching, mindfulness, nutrition, and exercise.

  3. Standing By a play in one act“Standing By Performance and Presentation”  – Get your school or organization involved by having your theater department kids or your school performers put on Bullying Recovery’s free 30 minute play about bullying, Standing By, and have Alan Eisenberg present to your assembly after the performance. This is a truly interactive experience for your school or organization. Alan will work with your theater performers prior to their performance and then present and lead your assembly in a conversation about bullying. This is truly an interactive event for your group!

  4. A Ladder In The Dark“Book Club Discussion” – Maybe you have decided to make Alan’s memoir,  “A Ladder In the Dark: My journey from bullying to self-acceptance”,  a required reading event in either school or through a book club or organization. Alan Eisenberg is happy to lead the discussion of the book as an invited author guest and answer questions from a list of questions that either he has developed from the book or your organization comes up with. These sessions are very personal as you get to talk to the author firsthand and ask about questions that arise from reading the book. It is a rare opportunity to get to talk to both an author and bullying survivor about their experience. The session usually ends with a book signing or book purchasing and signing.

  5. “Customized Event for Educational Leadership” – Bullying Recovery is fully aware and part of the community to meet your school standards needs for bullying education for your staff. Bullying recovery will Presentation Slide Long-term effects of bullyingwork directly with your school or organization to tailor any or all of the above types of events to meet the requirement standards you need. Bullying Recovery has done the research and keeps up with the latest news and techniques to offer to your staff training. Since these are tailored for your organization needs, the time needed for the session is based on how much continuing education credit your team needs. Bullying Recovery can spend one hour or one day with your team on this topic and has presentations and collateral information to help you meet your requirements.

  6. “Corporate Meetings and Events”Workplace bullying has become a big topic of conversation and issue in the corporate and organizational area. Alan Eisenberg spent three years as a member of the Vistage Leadership Organization, 22+ years as a corporate employee, as well as a COO of a small business. He understands the challenges that companies, organizations, and HR departments have on this issue. Bullying Recovery has created a special presentation and package of information for your corporate meeting or event to look further at this issue. Our program is usually a full day, but can be tailored for any amount of time your organization requires. Contact us to discuss your needs further.

Contact us via the form on the below to begin the discussion of booking Alan or Bullying Recovery for your next event. You can see where we are doing events on our Calendar as well. We are happy to work with you to meet your time, requirements, and cost needs.

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