Media Appearances

Media Appearances

Alan Eisenberg has been honored to be asked to appear as a guest on several media programs, to include NPR and an article in the Boston Globe. The below links offer you a chance to read or hear these media programs or outlets. We always welcome any feedback.


  1. Being a Highly Sensitive Male (Linda Binns, Energy Expert)
  2. Recovery from Bullying: An Insider’s Journey and Mission (Psych Up Live with Dr. Suzanne Phillips)
  3. Bullying Recovery (Know the Name)
  4. Finding Happiness by Living with Contentment (Resolve to Reclaim)
  5. The Long-term Effects of Bullying and Ways to Cope (Beyond Your Past)
  6. The Best Advice From Year Three Guests (The Grass Gets Greener)
  7. Could Your ‘Spinning Mind’ Be Keeping You Stuck? (Life Interrupted BlogTalkRadio)
  8. Bullying Recovery Coaching and New Novel “Crossing the Line” Discussion (The Grass Gets Greener)
  9. Family Support in Reducing Stress (Stress Free Now)
  10. It’s All About The Questions – Bullying Recovery (Laura Steward “It’s All About The Questions” Radio Program)
  11. Memory, CPTSD and Healing from Autoimmune (Life Interrupted BlogTalkRadio)
  12. Healing from Complex PTSD After Bullying (The Grass Gets Greener)
  13. Resolve to Reclaim 2017 – Mindfulness & Self Esteem (Resolve to Reclaim)
  14. Bullying Recovery, CPTSD, Perfectionism, Anger & Mindfulness (Inner Effort)
  15. Dealing with Bullying Recovery (Wallis on Wellness)
  16. How to Combat Bullying (Stress Free Now Podcast)
  17. Exploring the Long-term Effects of Bullying like C-PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression (Life Interrupted BlogTalkRadio)
  18. How to Heal the Hurt (Stress Free Now Podcast)
  19. Bullied Kids Are Hurt Long After Harassment Ends (NPR)
  20. Bullying Stories: What Is Bullying? (Fire It Up With CJ Podcast)
  21. Bullying – A National Epidemic or Kids Being Kids – (Davis and Joyner BlogTalkRadio)


  1. 10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About ‘Highly Sensitive People’ (The Mighty)
  2. The Symptoms of Depression That Didn’t Go Away (The Mighty)
  3. Why I Need Empathy, Not Sympathy (The Mighty)
  4. Understanding and Accepting the Diversity of the Holidays (Personal Growth)
  5. 5 Ways To Avoid The Holiday Stress This Year (Personal Growth)
  6. The Anxiety Habit That Hurts the Ones I Love (The Mighty)
  7. How My Father’s Battle with Leukemia Brought Us Closer Together (The Mighty)
  8. How I Handle the Anger Coming From My Anxiety (The Mighty)
  9. How I Set and Accomplished Goals to Recover From Depression and Anxiety (The Mighty)
  10. The 4 Steps I Took to Beat Anxiety So I Could Travel With My Wife (The Mighty)
  11. The ‘Moby Dick’ Character I Relate to as Someone With Mental Illness (The Mighty)
  12. What It’s Like to Be an Extroverted Introvert and Highly Sensitive Male (The Mighty)
  13. Getting Past the Fear of Failure (Personal Growth)
  14. 5 Steps To Positive Thinking (Personal Growth)
  15. Learning To Set A Resolution You Are Guaranteed To Meet (Personal Growth)
  16. 5 Ways To Control Your Revolving Mind (Personal Growth)
  17. The Quest for Peace (Personal Growth)
  18. Six Simple Mindfulness Activities to Help You De-Stress (Out of Stress)
  19. Learn How To Control Your Anger With The World (Personal Growth)
  20. The Name of Depression (Not Just Depressed)
  21. Speaking Out Loud About Bullying (Bullyingwhisperer)
  22. 5 Great Songs You Definitely Should Listen to Right Now (Having Time)
  23. Discover Why It’s Not Selfish To Take Care Of Yourself (Personal Growth)
  24. A Pacifist’s Anger (Bully At Ambush Corner)
  25. Healing from Buried Pain: You Must Go Through It (Tiny Buddha)
  26. A World of Misery Left by Bullying (The Boston Globe)
  27. Pretty-Hot Author Interview (
  28. Breaking Daily Bread with Stephen Scoggins: Alan Eisenberg (Stephen Scoggins – Breaking Bread)
  29. Smashwords Interview (Smashwords)

Alan Eisenberg is always happy to be a guest on your show or do an interview with you about bullying, C-PTSD, and recovery issues. To set up a guest appearance, send an email to with the subject “Guest Appearance” and we can schedule Alan for your show.

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