Crossing The Line

Crossing The Line Cover


“The dull razor blade cut across the left upper underarm flesh of Jessie Steiner’s body. Jessie was in a small corner of her room, behind where the camera was pointed at. A small amount of blood started to trickle from the wound.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh,” came a sound from Jessie’s mouth, which surprised her and comforted her at the same time.

The sound could not be mistaken for pain. It was more of a sigh, as the cutting and small amount of bleeding comforted Jessie. The pain she felt was in her and the cutting released some of her pain. She long ago stopped feeling the hurt of a cut, but instead found it to be comforting and a way of releasing of her pent up feelings of anger and hurt.”

Thus begins the story of “Crossing the Line”, Alan Eisenberg’s second novel about the damage that bullying causes. This time, the story is fiction and focuses on four main character’s stories:

  1. Jessie Steiner – A high school sophomore that has been bullied by her ex-best friend, Sandi, for years. Jessie has dealt with tragedy at home and suffers from the mental scars of bullying and youth trauma. It is a constant fight for her just to survive each day. But then she finds that this year might be different as she meets a friend at a rehab center over the summer and a teacher who becomes a mentor. Will Jessie finally be free from the trauma she feels about her life?
  2. Sandi Abrams – Jessie’s childhood friend who turned on her and became her biggest enemy in junior high school. Sandi has a plan for Jessie’s return from rehab. Is she really a changed person about what she did to Jessie or is she scheming to further hurt her ex-best friend? And how is her mother involved in all of this?
  3. Brian Graymond – Jessie’s new friend from the rehab center. Brian was caught selling marijuana at school, expelled and put into rehab. Why was he selling in the first place? What will be his new reputation at a different school and how will bullying come into play in his life, now that his reputation is out there?
  4. Anarchy – No this is not this teenager’s real name, but their web name. Why are they writing such hateful and violent posts to their web blog? What is going on in their head and how are Jessie and Brian involved with them? What violent plans do they have for the teens that have wronged them and will they be stopped in time, before someone really gets hurt?

“Crossing the Line” will explore each of these characters and the different way they are approaching the problem of bullying and the tragic consequences it can lead to. This book promises to be a no-holds barred look at the modern age of youth bullying. The end of the story is only the beginning of trying to find solutions to the mental health and violent consequences that bullying has on today’s school-aged youth.


Alan Eisenberg is being published by Outskirts Press for the print version and by Amazon and Smashwords for the eBook version. It is now available through Amazon or Smashwords or at most online book outlets..

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