Live Presentation

As part of my continued committment to helping work and solve the bullying issues that are still a part of everyday life for young people, I have put together a stand-up presentation and would be honored to come to your local school, religious organization, or meeting to share my stories in person and discuss the issues of bullying with your audience or students.

I am currently giving presentations on a regular basis in conjunction with the Jewish Social Services Agency (JSSA) to students and adults around the Washington, DC metro area.

My presentation can be tailored to the length of time you have for your assembly and can include:

1. My personal stories of my growing up with bullies as you can read on this site

2. Highlights of positive solutions to the bullying problem including the PINK SHIRT solution as found on this site.

3. Videos and testimonials from others who have dealt with the bullying problem

4. Some role-playing scenarios with students to help reinforce anti-bullying lessons

5. Depending on the age of the students, some of the scary things that can happen due to bullying (suicide stories such as Ryan Halligan and Megan Meir) and statistics of the damage bullying does to both those being bullied and the bullies.

6. Lessons in Empathy that I have learned in my life as well.

I have presented recently for several groups and can provide references and recommendations. The diverse groups I have presented to include:

  • Religious organization parents and teachers
  • School psychologists and social workers
  • College classes studying Interpersonal Relationships
  • Middle school students
  • Social Services agencies

I was also recently interviewed and appeared in articles for “The Boston Globe” and “National Public Radio”. Please feel free to email me at if you are interested in discussing a school assembly presentation or any other form of presentation. I am happy to share these stories and life lessons in person with your students or group.

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