Bullying and School Shootings – Facing the Truth

Blackboard with Blood

“Hurt people hurt people. We are not being judgmental by separating ourselves from such people. But we should do so with compassion. Compassion is defined as a “keen awareness of the suffering of another coupled with a desire to see it relieved.” People hurt others as a result of their… Continue reading

Bullying and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Part 1)

In my continued goal to try to explain and help recovery of the long-term effects from bullying, I have been bypassing an important item that I even have some experience working with: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). We have heard much about PTSD in the news, mainly focused on soldiers… Continue reading

Bullying Incident #23: The Frat Rat (1987)

“You know you make me want to SHOUT, Kick my heels up and SHOUT, Throw my hands up and SHOUT, Throw my head back and SHOUT” (Lyrics  to “SHOUT” by Otis Day and The Knights) While I have told the worst of my bullying stories through other posts and the… Continue reading

New Study Ties Obesity to Bullying

A new study by Julie Lumeng, M.D., a professor of pediatrics at the University of Michigan shows a correlation between children in 3rd – 6th grade who are obese and the likelihood that they will be bullied. The study shows that these children classified as obese are 65% more likely… Continue reading

April 14th is Pink Shirt Day!

Hopefully, if you’ve been to this site before you read one of my favorite bullying solution stories, The Pink Shirt Gang story. It’s a great positive message true story of a solution some bystander boys came up with to deal with the bullying of a boy who wore a pink… Continue reading

Criminal Arraignment Begins Today for 3 Accused Bullies

Today begins what should be a precedent setting trial in the case of the bullying death of Phoebe Prince. The 3 bullies who are accused of tormenting Phoebe Prince to the point of her taking her own life will be formally charged as adults with felony crimes in her death.… Continue reading

Bullying Is Exaggerated?

Right now I’m somewhat speachless about this article I found coming out of “The Observer” in the UK. It speaks for itself. The level of playground bullying is being exaggerated and children must learn to cope with name-calling and teasing to help them develop resilience, a childhood expert says. In… Continue reading