Healthy U: Episode 54 – Therapist William Pullen & Dynamic Running Therapy

William Pullen

Therapist, William Pullen, talks to host Alan Eisenberg about his technique of using mindfulness with running, walking or jogging to help with stress, anxiety, and depression. William Pullen is a London-based psychotherapist, author and app developer. He is the co-author of “Run for Your Life: Mindful Running for a Happy… Continue reading

Healthy U: Episode 53 – Analyzing Handwriting in Bullying Issues with David DeWitt

David Dewitt

David DeWitt, a certified professional graphoanalyst,  talks with host, Alan Eisenberg, in a fascinating conversation about detecting potential danger signs and effects of bullying through handwriting analysis. David DeWitt is a certified professional graphoanalyst, (By IGAS the International Graphoanalyst Society) discusses how you can get a grasp of the fundamental rules… Continue reading

Healthy U: Episode 52 – Dealing with Workplace Bullying with Catherine Mattice

Catherine Mattice

Host Alan Eisenberg and his guest Catherine Mattice Zundel talk about the issue of Workplace Bullying and what you can do about it. Catherine Mattice Zundel is a consultant who specializes in workplace bullying through her firm, Civility Partners, and she has worked with clients as big as the third… Continue reading

Healthy U: Episode 51 – Living LIFE from the Inside Out with Coach Anita Powell

Anita Powell

Host Alan Eisenberg and his guest Coach Anita Powell talk about TAPN2U and creating the LIFE you want. Anita is a Reverend in Metaphysical Philosophy and Transformation TAPN2U Life Coach and Teacher. Her name being the acrostic, And Now I’ve Taught Another, Anita teaches and shares her LIFE Formula, emphasizing Live… Continue reading

Healthy U: Episode 50 – Finding Purpose in Your Life with Coach Mike Lewis

Mike Lewis

Host Alan Eisenberg talks with Coach Mike Lewis about how you can find purpose in your life. Michael Lewis is a Husband, Father, Motivational speaker, Entrepreneur and Author. He has over 15 years experience working with youth. As a former school teacher and principal, he has a passion for igniting the… Continue reading

Healthy U: Episode 49 – How Our Words Can Cause Long-Term Damage with Stress Free Now’s Bob and Christine Wright

Host Alan Eisenberg and his special guest, son Andy Eisenberg, discuss the power of the words we speak to others and the damage they can cause with Bob and Christine Wright from Stress Free Now. Topics include how what we say to each other can have long-term lasting effects and… Continue reading

Healthy U: Episode 47 – Michael Clark Discusses Bullying Recovery

Michael Clark

Founder of and school teacher in Australia, Michael Clark,  joins host Alan Eisenberg for a discussion about both of their missions to help those that have suffered at the hands of bullies to get support and recovery. Michael Clark is a passionate advocate for helping children recover from bullying… Continue reading