Healthy U: Episode 59 – Film on the Long-term Effects of Bullying with Alexander C. Totz

Alexander C. Totz

Host, Alan Eisenberg, talks with repeat guest, Alexander C. Totz on the filming of his documentary on the long-term effects of bullying called “Mr. Brown’s Class” and also the controversy behind the Netfilx miniseries “13 Reasons Why“. Alexander C Totz is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker, completing his first short documentary about the long-term effects… Continue reading

Long Term Effects Blogger

As I was looking at other’s posts about the Long-term effects of bullying, I came across Heather’s Blog called “Fixed Air”. Heather and I share much in common in her feelings on the long-term effects of bullying. Besides the fact that we like the same new WordPress design for our sites, we also… Continue reading

More Evidence of the Long Term Effects of Bullying

Mark Dombeck, Ph.D. , a Ohio Psychologist, wrote an excellent article for the website “MentalHelp.Net” entitled “The Long Term Effects of Bullying“.  In the article, Dr. Dombeck discusses frankly his own experience with bullying as a child and how this has long term effects not only for him, but in… Continue reading