Video of Boy Who Fights Back Against Bully

There’s a new viral video making the rounds, along with a media blitz about Casey Heynes, the boy caught on tape fighting back against his bully. This story is out of Australia and has gotten international attention. The video shows how Casey snapped when being taunted and punched and picks up and slams his bully to the ground. Here’s a video piece about this story.

Both boys were suspended from school. There was some outrage that Casey was punished. There are many people who made follow-on videos praising Casey for what he did. Certainly, defending ones self is something that many victims need to do. But as I watched the video, I saw where Casey could have slammed this boy down on his head, possibly causing serious injury or even death. Casey admittedly snapped and I do believe he did. And the boy who chose to bully him made the mistake of picking on a bigger and stronger boy.

But violence answering to violence can’t be the answer. Finding better solutions to solve this problem of bullying must be addressed. This video is a prime example of how extreme a victim can take it when they finally break from bullying. While Casey used his hands and strength to overpower his bully, another victim could do the same with a gun or weapon. It just can’t be the answer.

I do understand the positive feelings that some have seeing Casey defeat his bully. But watch again and watch how injured the bully is afterward. He is just a young boy as well. So with the positive aspect, do we need to make sure we talk about the negative aspect, which is the violence that ends this encounter and the feelings that Casey describes feeling as a mental break that caused him to take violent action? I know that many believe we end bullying by fighting back, but what message are we giving when we say this is the solution? Let me know what you think.

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About Alan Eisenberg

Alan Eisenberg is a Certified Life Coach, Bullying Recovery activist and author of "A Ladder In The Dark: My journey from bullying to self-acceptance" and "Crossing the Line". He has been writing and speaking to various audiences about the issue of C-PTSD and Bullying Recovery. Mr. Eisenberg has been featured on several print, radio shows and podcasts on this issue, including NPR and in the Boston Globe. He is currently working toward his Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling.
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  1. “But violence answering to violence can’t be the answer. ” It sure as hell was in THIS instance. And it is in many other instances. Countless anecdotal evidence supports th fact: it is basically the only answer. Mostly because it is the only language bullies of any age or size, understand!
    “But watch again and watch how injured the bully is afterward.”
    Yea, so? here is the thing. We can NOT know to what degree this punk was injured..

    “He is just a young boy as well.” AS well as what?! he is a boy that is bullying. that happens to be younger than an adult. That is all. JesUSSS! Some people and their bleeding hearts.

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    • This was the story of my childhood growing up, being bigger than all of the kids in grades 1 thru 10, i was teased on a daily basis as being fat which carried the wonderful names such as lard ass, tubby, whale tail and so on. Even the girls made fun of me, kids would push me, flick my ears and so on , but i always smiled. My way of coping i suppose, until that one day after my first football practice, i won’t name the individual but he wanted a name for his self i suppose, so he started with the normal insults, i just smiled, he then pushed me, i just smiled and then he hit me in the face knocking my glasses to the cement floor. I beat the holy s#*t out of him and was never bothered again, got my first girlfriend as well, she was in the marching band. From that day forward my self esteem has taken me to places i would have never thought possible, keep up your vigilante work Alan and call on me for anything.


      • There are many many stories of the bigger kid being the victim. It shows that a compassionate person doesn’t always fight back because they are bigger. My personal favorite revenge story that is fiction is the one from “Stand By Me” with the boy they called “Lardass” getting his revenge on the people that made fun of him during a Pie Eating contest. That was a good revenge moment that lets you cheer on the victim. Thanks for your input Ashton and feel free to share more in the future.

  3. Alan,
    I wrote a blog about this tonight because I too believe we should not make this boy a hero, but I do believe we should show him compassion and understanding. I posted a link to your blog post and to another post on the same subject. I hope you will stop by to let me know what you think.

  4. Bullies are like human feces. They emerge from the orifice of family character and they’re accepted by their peers in the cesspool of community character. No one civilized enough to have earned the right to complain about terrorism has any sympathy for the bully or his criminally incompetent parents.

  5. I understand your perspective. It didn’t escape my notice that the body slam was powerful. I saw the boy who *initiated* the incident limp away. I also realize that he was lucky that the injury was one to his leg and not his head.

    That said, maybe he will count the cost next time he *initiates* an act of bullying and/or violence.

    It all comes down to choice.

    I expect more of the same and sadly, a “target” may very well use a weapon next time. Everyone has a breaking point.

    It would be redundant to say that bullying has reached epidemic proportions and that should never have been allowed to happen. Not in schools, not in the workplace, and not in homes or family gatherings.

    If I had to choose between the tragedies of hearing about another suicide or watching a bully get body-slammed, I’ll gladly take the latter.

  6. At first glance, we celebrate this as a coupe for the child that is being bullied. But what worries me is the amount of torment that this kids must have taken in order to snap that way. The bully could have been killed. Don’t get me wrong, he got what he asked for. I am just worried about where this world is heading. I wrote an post on this also, check it out
    Prevention of Childhood Bullying

  7. Violence only begets more violence, and teaching children to respond to bullies by perpetuating violence will only restart the cycle anew. While my heart goes out Casey Heynes and other students in his situation, children need to learn more constructive methods to defend themselves against bullies, such as non-responsiveness or telling an adult. Therefore, adults must find new programs to teach students non-violent response mechanisms and must handle bullying reports in such a way that children feel that their concerns are being taken seriously.

  8. Only the lowest of cowards blames the victim.

  9. Um… “adults must find new programs to teach students non-violent response mechanisms and must handle bullying reports in such a way that children feel that their concerns are being taken seriously” is what didn’t work already and left Casey body-slamming the dude who hassled him. I wish they was a better way, but there isn’t. Until then, kids have to be taught how to do self-defense responsibly. Period.

  10. This is a tough topic to side with, but ultimately, as inspiring as it was that Casey fought back, he still succumbed to physical violence to accomplish this.

    This event has transcended a simple “fighting back” story into a media phenomenon, a sort of underdog story many can feel good about. It’s interesting how different people interpret this sensation.

  11. GOOD BOY! I support the actions of Casey 100% and I firmly believe that those who simply state that we have to find ‘New Programs’ to deal with this problem are both nieve and spineless. Dealing with and understanding human nature is not an exact science, so while the so called experts figure out an effective “Program” many more children like Casey will continue to put up with this torment. For those who say ‘What is the world coming to’ You need to get your head out of your arse, Societies everywhere have been like this for centuries.. Its primal human nature, tune into your nightly news if you dont believe me… As a parent it would break my heart if I found out that my child was putting up with what Casey put up with. Im not religeous but god help that boy, his family and any thoughtless idiot that condemns my child for defending himself through reasonable means.
    Just a thought: I bet you that the embarrasment of this world attention hurts that bully alot more than being dropped on his head. Maybe the answer lies here?

  12. You’re right, violence begets violence. So don’t punch people in the face, and they won’t power slam your ass. Please, give me a break with the whole “Can’t we all just get along?” rhetoric. No, we can’t. There was only ONE way to put an end to that delinquent little bastard’s relentless teasing, and physical attacks. You ever get punched in the face really hard? Not only can it kill you if you tear an artery or pop a brain vessel (which has happened OFTEN in schoolyards across the US), but it is horrendously embarrassing. One punch wasn’t enough, he would have hit him and hit him until someone stopped him, and since nobody in the whole school lifted a finger to help Casey, he had to help himself.

    Nice guys, naive people, sensitive people, are always on the business end of some dirtbag’s gun or fist, and then we are supposed to sob and feel sorry for the criminals because they too got abused once.

    Nice kid too, instead of just apologizing and taking the lesson to heart, like a true little bastard he tries to blame Casey. Right, anyone who believes that is a fool. Yeah, Casey is such a raging bully, did you see how he attacked Richard’s fist by slamming his face into it? Richard explains that Casey was picking on him by saying “get to class idiot”, yeah, boy that really sounds genuine. If Casey was really picking on him then I have little doubt Richard would’ve been saying, “Come on? I’m an idiot? Come on, call me an idiot again!” or something to that effect, but he wasn’t; he didn’t say anything like that because there was no provoking by Casey, the poor kid was just trying to walk to class, and not get physically attacked while everyone stands around and does nothing.

    The school punishes Casey as well? Holy s#*t, what a bunch of morons. First they fail to protect Casey from attacks like this, and when he finally decided that if he was gonna make it out of the situation in one piece then he needed to defend himself, the school fails him a second time by suspending him. What a joke! Clearly, the message is to NEVER protect yourself, EVER. If someone tries to kill you with their fists then you should sit there like a punching bag and hope they have a bed open in ICU, don’t you ever DARE to protect yourself, or else you will be expelled. When someone starts to punch you and kick you, calmly cry while being stomped, maybe even try begging for your life (but don’t do it agressively, or you will be fucking expelled!!!), then after you die, or the beating stops, wait a few months for the useless school administrators to hear your case and decide what punishment serves you right for getting punched.)

    Not trying to insult you, but this really touched a chord with me.

    • Hopefully you didn’t insult anyone with your feelings. You make good points as does everyone. There is no easy answer to this issue and why we struggle as a society to deal with bullies is a sad topic by itself. I too had to resort to violence to end many a bullying situation as you can read in my personal stories on this site. But that did not make me feel better and in some cases haunts me to this day. I think that is my main concern overall.


  13. However this work, this is wrong in many ways. There is a number of solutions.
    People wishing to end this in their own live or in a someone elses life you CARE about should read these articles:

  14. “Hope you didn’t insult anyone with your feelings”

    Who might that be? Probably the same ones who stand around and do nothing, or film while some dirtbag attacks a totally innocent person because simply verbally terrorizing him just isn’t enough anymore, they get off on victimizing others and seeing other people suffer at their hand.

    Did Casey snap? Actually, I thought he showed amazing restraint. The fact that he slammed the kid, and must have realized that he could do much more, tells me his true motive: that he just wanted to be left alone and to stop being attacked. Now, what if Casey was knocked down by his sucker punch, do you think Richard would walk away just liek Casey did? No way, he would have kicked, stomped, and did anything else he could to continue the beating.

    Throw all the therapy and psychology you want at this problem, and it will never change. Some people understand nothing but violence, they will abuse, abuse, and abuse others until they are stopped one way or another.

    Think Al Qaeda would stop slaughtering Americans if we just sat down and talked about it? No, they won’t. Saddam Hussein was the focus of every possible punishment and penalty that the diplomatic community could throw at him, yet still he remained a sadistic mass murderer until he was hunted down like a dog.

    The reason so many people are extremely zealous in this matter is that most of them have been on the receiving end of senseless abuse and/or violence, and I would bet that most of them wish they fought back when it happened.

    Sorry, but my advice to anyone being physically assaulted by a bully in school is to fight back. Even if you lose, it sends a clear message to everyone that they can pick on you, but they better be ready to fight when they do. One of my best friends, Mike, became friends the day I’d had enough of his bullying. After he jabbed me on the side of my head from behind (Didn’t know he was there) I whipped around and punched him with absolutely everything I had right on the nose, breaking it and covering us both in his blood.

    Now, yes, this seems horrible, but I was not the one who created the violence. If he hadn’t punched me for no reason, I NEVER would have punched him back. So, the idea that violence is bad and brings about more violence should be followed by the people who initiate such things. Innocent people who are victimized don’t have to change anything, they have no problem restraining themselves, or else they wouldn’t be victims. The offenders are the ones who need a behavior change. Before that moment happened to me, I was teased by multiple people in the school about being chubby (I didn’t thin out until 7th grade). However, an amazing thing happened after I smashed Mike’s face in and ended up breaking his nose, I was never teased, taunted, or attacked ever again.

    Mike was taken down a few pegs and actually apologized to me that night, and we have been great friends ever since, almost 20 years now.

  15. Article commenting on the Casey Heynes incident…

    “Yes, Violence Can be the Answer,” by Selwyn Duke, American Thinker, 23 March 2011

    Not impressed by forced pacifism put ahead of safety.


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  18. The bully got what he deserved. The bully is lucky for not getting his head slammed on that curb. The problem is that the only thing bullies ever understand is a superior capacity for perpetrating violence in self defense. You can’t tame a bully any more than you can tame a hungry lion by non-violent means. Anyone who thinks otherwise must have never been bullied.

  19. Take it from a Marine who was bullied as a child, repeatedly. I can appreciate the position this young man was in. Look at the entire group, it wasn’t just one bully. He set a precedence with all of them, but standing up to one of them. Yes, his size and strength played a role. Yes, he could have hurt that kid more. But he’s saved himself years of bullying and ridicule that could have ultimately damaged him for life. Good on him for standing up for himself.

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