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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

For some, life is not all sunshine and daisies. Life can be trying at times, especially if an individual has an addiction. While in its throws, addiction can make life seem dismal, creating an atmosphere of hopelessness for both the addicted and the people around him or her. Despite how dark the night may seem, the saying goes that it is darkest before the dawn. There are opportunities to achieve sobriety, live happily, and be healthy however impossible it may seem at the time.

Treatment is available for those afflicted with this disease all around the country, and many larger cities even house a wide variety of recovery services. It all starts with a phone call and finding the right treatment center for the individual; the next stage is detox, where all the harmful chemicals and substances leave the body. Detox facilities will help to medicinally manage withdrawal symptoms so that the process is safe. Then, once the mind and body are clear, comes the challenge of living in sobriety.

One great way that therapy can create both a healthier mind and body is the insight it brings into your own life. There may be factors you didn’t consider before that contributed to the addiction in the first place. Factors that can mean the difference between a relapse and having a happy life. One-on-one therapy sessions can give you an outlet to discuss stress, triggers, and anything else you are struggling with. There are also forms of therapy that include animal care, art, music, and even exercise as a way of productively relieving stress.

Physical exertion is a highly recommended form of therapy, due to the endorphins it releases that help the mind. It also gives the client an outlet that they can track in terms of progress: gaining muscle, getting stronger, running faster, and being less tired.

The benefits of using music and art as therapy are endless. It is a natural way to stabilize your mood, it can nurture personal growth, has been shown to reduce symptoms of depression, and much like physical exercise, provides a sense of self-worth and confidence.

For some, exercise, music, and art may help them to find tranquility and happiness in their life without the use of a substance. For others, some services employ animal care as a form of therapy. Commonly this is done with horses, also known as Equine Therapy. This begins by observing horses interacting with one another and learning how to interact with other people in the process. The goal is insight through observation; seeing the way that the animal faces life on a daily basis can help clients to reflect on their own role in life.

The bottom line is that things aren’t always as bad as they seem, and there is always a way to make life better, brighter and healthier. A healthy mind makes for a healthy body and vice-versa. The best way to live a life of sobriety is to have productive, healthy means to get through the day and cope with reality. One way or another, you can find the means to cope with reality and bring a smile to your face by utilizing the skills and talents achieved through therapy.

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