7 Important Ways to Stop Bullying

7 Important Ways To Stop Bullying“You’re a survivor because everyday you make a choice not to be governed by their harsh words or actions. No one has the right to take away your happiness.”
― Assunta Harris

Bullying all over the world is a serious problem to deal with, especially in Australia. And there are many types of bullying like physical bullying, verbal bullying, cyberbullying, and especially school bullying. It’s obvious that kids don’t have the ability to completely stop bullying in school. But as a parent, it’s your duty to prevent and stop your kids from being bullied in school. Despite the fact that bullying is a hard situation to handle, with all these guidelines and important ways, you’ll be able to help your kids conquer and stop bullying Australia:

Recognize the Signs

It’s a sad fact that bullying, specifically in kids, can cause physical and emotional pain to them. These pain can trigger depressions that can result to sadness and anxiety to kids. These signs are quite obvious when you notice changes in their behaviors and to their physical appearances. A parent should know these signs and be able to make necessary actions to stop bullying.

Encourage your Child

It’s very hard for a child to manage these bullying at school when they are the ones who are being bullied. A kid will have a hard time telling adults or their parents that they are being bullied. Guide and tell them that bullying is wrong and they need to defeat this bullying. It’s very important to cheer, inspire and motivate them once more to help them end bullying.

Take Advice from Experts

When in doubt, always go to an expert. Bullying is a serious thing to deal with, experts know the rights ways in handling this kind of situations. They are professionals who will guide you to the right path in how to stop bullying.

Talk to School Officials

Getting reliable information from teachers and the principal will help stop bullying. They are the ones who are always in the area and will help guide your kid in school. Talking to them about the cause of bullying will lead to taking appropriate actions in order prevent and stop bullying in their school.

Community Awareness

Don’t just stop school bullying within your kid, also inform others to make an awareness. Talk the community, tell them that bullying is wrong and they all need to make a move before their children experience this. Helping each other will easily conquer bullying.

Talk to the Bully

Talking to the bully will only not get what really triggered the bullying but will also help the bully realized that bullying is a bad thing to do. In school, usually, the bully is also a kid. As per your child, the kid also doesn’t know what he’s doing. Tell the bully that it’s wrong to bully other. Know their side and take the appropriate advice that will help them change their behavior.

Inform the Bully’s Parents

As a parent, informing the bully’s parents is the best thing to do. Tell them what really happen and have a meeting. Consult each other about the right thing to do and come up with the best action to help prevent and end the bullying.

In a child’s mind, bullying will be the worst experience they will encounter. Having their experiences will not only suffer them but will also initiate childhood trauma. Therefore, the best way to stop this aside from these important ways is prevention and appropriate actions from the parents.

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  1. I find caution on some of your suggestions. Some are great. I think it is a bit naive to suggest you speak to the bully and / or the parents. I have found bullies parents are usually the source. So to try and tell another child what they are doing wrong, is like the bullies parents telling your child “things” Best thing to do is. Stay Strong. Look at the good people around. Unfortunately victims do not have many friends around. So your choice is easy. Appreciate your friends. Bullying does hurt all ages. Stay strong and do not react. As hard as that is, it is harder when you do react. To not react stops the bullying at that momnent then. To react only extends the time.

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