Cybercrime in 2018

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We won’t sit idly by when a crime is committed in the real world. So why should we when it happens in cyber space? ~ Max Baucus

Cybercrime is an issue which is massively impacting the lives and businesses of many people around the globe today. Naturally, with the rise of the internet has come the rise of cybercrime, which is a crime directed at computers or other devices. For example, hacking a specific computer or network, committing malware attacks or stealing data. It also covers instances where the crime is committed with the sole use of a computer device, such as online fraud and identity theft.

Cybercrime violates individuals and can be an extremely traumatic experience. Unfortunately, as the reliance on the internet and technology grows, cybercrime will only grow with it.
Governments and organizations are working tirelessly to develop tools, strategies, and techniques to combat cybercrime and protect their people and businesses. New security systems are being deployed all the time, regular audits performed, highly-secured VPNs optimized and advanced monitoring systems put to work.

All these measures build a strong security bulwark, but it is important that we are all aware of cybercrime and work to protect ourselves. Often, all it takes is one weak password or careless login and all good practices can be undone in an instance.

Privacy is the number one way to combat cybercrime. Public social media profiles are an easy way for bad people to steal sensitive information such as your full name, date of birth and family connections.

Keeping a large portion of your private life private does have some drawbacks. As we want more personalized services from the brands and businesses we know and love, this information needs to be available for them. However, what is more important? Your privacy or your possessions?

There are developments being made to remedy this. The Customer Identity and Access Management scheme (CIAM) enables large businesses and organizations to capture and manage a customer’s identity and profile data, and control customer access to its services and applications.

CIAM solutions provide customer registration, self-service account management, and multi-factor authentication. These CIAM solutions ensure a secure customer experience which performs highly, all whilst allowing the end user customer to maintain his or her privacy online.

It is not just smaller businesses and individuals who are at risk from cybercrime. Some of the world’s biggest names, companies and websites have been victims. The top five biggest data breaches of the 21st century will open your eyes to this:

  • In 2003, Yahoo! had 3 billion accounts hacked.
  • eBay had 145 million accounts hacked in 2014.
  • In 2017, Equifax had 143 million accounts hacked.
  • TARGET Stores had 110 million accounts hacked in 2013. 
  • JP Morgan Chase had 83 million accounts hacked in 2014.
This is frightening when you consider just who some of these businesses are: a major retailer, e-commerce website, financial institution and internet service have all suffered from cybercrime.
If you want to learn more about cybercrime and the role it is playing in our modern and digitally connected world, check out our infographic below.

cybercrime infographic


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