Bully Incident: – The Sewer (1974)

This is the second in my repeats of stories past as I have been writing my novel. I think many kids feared sewers, particularly after Stephen King released “IT”, certainly a book that tied to the fear of sewers. Since writing this story many years ago, I realize that things… Continue reading

The Victim of the Bullied Strikes Back (A Personal Story)

For the regular readers of this site, this is a first and has been building up for the last several months. Some years ago, I wrote a story called “Me As The Bully”. When I wrote that, I would have no idea that the child I referred to 30 years… Continue reading

A Pacifist’s Anger

Author and fellow anti-bullying contributor Karen Mueller Coombs asked me to guest blog on her website. She just posted my blog/story called “A Pacifist’s Anger”, in which I share some insights into my stories and more depth about my feelings of what happened to me. If you would like to… Continue reading

Six Degrees of Separation No More

Being a child of the 70’s, sometimes I fall back on my old thinking, that there were six degrees of separation between us all and therefore, none of us are that easily found. I remember in the early 90’s, there was even a fun game we used to play called… Continue reading

Bully Incident #25: The Lost Fight (1981)

I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone? (Stephen King quote from the book “The Body” & movie “Stand By Me”) It’s funny how I honestly thought that I had remembered everything about the bully years I experienced during my… Continue reading

Bully Incident#24: Me As The Bully (1979)

NOTE: As you prepare to read this story an interesting thing has occurred. The other person in this story discovered it and discovered themselves within the story. When I created this site and wrote my stories I never thought they would reach out that far. I thought it was only… Continue reading

Bullying Incident #23: The Frat Rat (1987)

“You know you make me want to SHOUT, Kick my heels up and SHOUT, Throw my hands up and SHOUT, Throw my head back and SHOUT” (Lyrics  to “SHOUT” by Otis Day and The Knights) While I have told the worst of my bullying stories through other posts and the… Continue reading

Bullying Incident #22: The Best Friend (1984)

Old Friends. Memory brushes the same years. Silently sharing the same fear. (Lyric to “Old Friends/Bookends” by Simon & Garfunkel) This is a story that has taken a while to tell. It’s not that it is really a bullying story, but it is a story of how a single friend… Continue reading

Bully Incident #21: The Art Teacher (1980)

I still think it’s quite funny and ironic how our minds work. I have noticed as I continue to write this blog that stories I didn’t even recall start coming back to the top of my conscious memory from my sub-conscious memory. As I wrote my story yesterday of the teacher that my… Continue reading

Bullying Incident#20 – The Teacher (1985)

As I believe I explained before, I thought I was done recounting my own childhood bullying stories a while ago. But just when I think I’m done… This one is less about me and more about something I observed. It really didn’t strike me as bullying until I retold the… Continue reading

Bullying Incident#19: The Dunes (1973)

There was really a point where I thought that I was done telling the personal bullying stories from my youth. Memory is a very funny thing and how memories return to you that are stuck in the recesses of the brain still fascinates me. Sometimes it makes me wonder if… Continue reading

Big Nose & Black Eye Graphic Novel (Incident 8.5)

A while ago in this blog I wrote about an incident from my childhood called “The Big Nose & Black Eye“. It is an important bullying story from my childhood. There is a young man who I have known since he was 5 who is an important person in my… Continue reading

Bully Incident#18: Cyberbullying Origin: The Telephone

As happens quite often with this little blog I started, stories come back to me at the strangest times. I was doing some research on cyberbullying issues and it struck me that, by definition, cyberbullying started back in my day with the telephone. I recall just about 6th or 7th… Continue reading

Bully Incident#17: A Forgotten Story – The Sewer (1974)

I have mentioned before how our brains have a tendancy to put certain memories in the far backs of our heads. They are forgotten there, until sometimes a trigger can bring them forward. Pretty much all of my stories I have told on this blog are from my days in… Continue reading

Bully Incident#16: The Interview (1990)

It’s been over a year since I finished writing my personal bullying stories from my youth on my blog. For those of you that might not have read them, you can see all of them listed by going to my tag called Bully Incident or CLICKING HERE. Given all the… Continue reading

Bully Incident #15: The New Home (1981)

Soon after my final fight with Ryan, my father got a new assignment in Washington, DC. We moved to Fairfax, Virginia from Lexington, Mass. I felt that I could get away from the bullies and start a new life at age 13 in a place far away from those kids… Continue reading

Bully Incident #14: The Weapon – A Decision of Fear (1980)

“I’m going to kill you!” That’s where we left off last, with Ryan saying those words to me. I don’t really recall the next few thinking steps I made. I was only 12 or 13 at the time. I just recall the fear I had and the belief that I really… Continue reading

Bullying Incident #13: The Fight with the Loyal Lieutenant (1979)

At the end of my last personal post, I talked about  Ryan and his gang. As with many bullies, they surround themselves with a “posse” of other boys who are not necessarily bullies by nature, but are part of the gang that the bully uses to play off of. I can’t… Continue reading

Bullying Incident #12: Life At Jonas Clarke Middle School (1979)

At the end of my last personal blog, I discussed that it was the end of elementary school for me and off to my new Middle School, Jonas Clarke Junior High. The school was situated right next to the elementary school, so I still had to continue to walk to… Continue reading

Bullying Incident #11: Ryan Is My Best Friend & Worst Enemy (1978)

This particular bullying story of my life starts very positively. I feel it will be important to establish my friendship with Ryan with you, so you understand how this particular relationship has led to some long-term effects for me. It seems so difficult to believe that almost 30 years goes… Continue reading

Bully Incident #10: The Long Halloween (1979)

Being that Halloween is next week, it seems an appropriate time to tell the bully story I recall for Halloween. On one level I loved Halloween as a kid. Who didn’t? But the 70’s was somewhat of a strange time for Halloween as a kid. Schools gave us these boxes… Continue reading

Bully Incident #9: The Final Stand with Bob (1979)

If you read my last Bully Incident story, you read about the moment I decided t0 fight back. This was not really what I wanted to do, but unfortunately learned that it had an effect that I wanted. Now, that bully was no longer a bully to me. Bob though… Continue reading

Bully Incident #8: The Big Nose & The Black Eye (1979)

Sorry for the delay in writing. I’m sure you know how summer gets with vacations and the such. While I know I would love to write all of the time, time is not on my side. I volunteer many hours to groups that want more and more of my time.… Continue reading

Bully Incident #6: The Principal (1977)

During the years of Bob bullying me, there were many moments where the adults let me down. Looking back, I would chalk most of that up to either a lack of understanding of the issues of bullying or just the “kids being kids” mentality that I think a lot of… Continue reading

Bully Incident #1: You Killed Jesus (1976)

As part of my understanding the bullying that happened to me, I’ve decided to chronologically tell the incidents of my being bullied starting from my earliest memories. As an adult, I often wonder if these stories are exaggerated from the mind of the child I was. I don’t believe so,… Continue reading