Everyone Can Be An Ally (A Personal Story)

Amy Kaufman Burk contacted me through our twitter accounts as mutual fellow anti-bullying advocates. Dr. Burk has a Doctorate of Mental Health from the University of California and has vast experience as a Psychotherapist and is also an author. Her first book is “Hollywood High: Achieve the Honorable“. I am… Continue reading

Filmmaker DJ Caruso Talks About Standing Up to Bullying

I am blessed to have great friends over the years who have helped me continue to bring this website to you. One such friend from High School, Ken, is a film critic with his own blog called 1 More Film Blog. Ken and I share a passion for movies (in… Continue reading

What If I Was Bigger Than a Bully

Author Cat Blount has released a book for elementary school age children titled “What If I Was Bigger Than a Bully: Storyteller Edition”. This book talks to both those who deal with being bullied as well as the bullies, parents, bystanders, and school officials. The title references a question the… Continue reading

Make It Better Right Now

Before I introduce you to http://MakeItBetterRightNow.net (or MIBRN as we like to call ourselves) and some of its members, I would like to thank Alan for all he does in bringing attention to this epidemic around the world called “bullying”. He, like me, believes that by telling our stories; by discussing our issues openly without the fear… Continue reading

The Victim of the Bullied Strikes Back (A Personal Story)

For the regular readers of this site, this is a first and has been building up for the last several months. Some years ago, I wrote a story called “Me As The Bully”. When I wrote that, I would have no idea that the child I referred to 30 years… Continue reading

Damaging Self-Confidence (A Personal Story)

First, I must apologize to those that have submitted stories this last month. I have been blessed to be inundated with stories and have been delayed in posting them, but know they are coming. Dave submitted this story to me and was nice enough to remind me he was anxious… Continue reading

Bully Whispering (A Personal Story)

It all started with an email that I received from Kate Cohen-Posey with her own personal bullying story and an offer to have a new section on this site that she could help others through as a “true” professional who works with victims of bullying. Kate Cohen-Posey is a professional… Continue reading

High School Girl Suspended Over Anti-Bullying Project

Sometimes when you think you’ve heard it all, another story comes out that seems to contradict what many are trying to do by creating anti-bullying messages. The below video is the story of a high school girl suspended for creating an anti-bullying project. It seems to me that the school… Continue reading

Whatever.odt Looks at Transgender Bullying

Online author JD O’Meara shared with me a new book that she has written called “whatever.odt”, which deals with the difficult subject of transgender issues and bullying that are getting more and more focus today. Her book, which is available from the website Smashwords looks at the subject from different angles and… Continue reading

After The Death (Aharei Mot)

I was honored to be asked to deliver a sermon (really a speech) with a theme of bullying during services at my place of worship recently. I thought I would share the speech that I gave with you. It’s a bit lengthy, but I thought the subject matter appropriate to… Continue reading

9 Signs of Workplace Bullying

According to the website onlinemba.com, there are nine signs that workplace bullying might be a problem at your office. According to a Washington State Department of Labor & Industries report, 47 million American workers or about 46% of them, say they have had to deal with bullying at work this… Continue reading

The Loss Of Self-Esteem Update (A Personal Story)

This is a first for me, but I have received a sequel story from Mariah who wrote to me with her “The Loss of Self-Esteem” story. Her words below are encouraging. Mariah has a positive outlook on the progress of her bullying problem and my guess is she has a… Continue reading

Choosing Sides (A Personal Story)

Taylor shared this very personal story of her time being bullied. It shows the pain that comes when people you trust break that through their actions. Imagine that it happens to you all the time. How would you be as you grow up? Will you trust anyone around you? How… Continue reading

Bully Documentary In Theaters March 30th

A new documentary movie called “Bully” is being released. The movie is set to premiere on March 30th in theaters around the country. This powerful film takes an in-depth look at the bullying crisis taking place in this country. This movie looks to be a no holds barred view of… Continue reading

Bully Documentary In Theaters March 30th

A new documentary movie called “Bully” is being released. The movie is set to premiere on March 30th in theaters around the country. This powerful film takes an in-depth look at the bullying crisis taking place in this country. This movie looks to be a no holds barred view of… Continue reading

Bullying Scars For Life (A Personal Story)

A few months ago Mike submitted a story shared here called “Daydreams & Nightmares”. His story was very close to my own and shared both a personal knowledge of being bullied. Mike has submitted a second story to share here called “Bullying Scars for Life”, again sharing a very personal… Continue reading

A Pacifist’s Anger

Author and fellow anti-bullying contributor Karen Mueller Coombs asked me to guest blog on her website. She just posted my blog/story called “A Pacifist’s Anger”, in which I share some insights into my stories and more depth about my feelings of what happened to me. If you would like to… Continue reading

How Schools Can Deal with Bullying

Onlinecollegecourses.com has published a list of “20 innovative ways that school are combating bullying”. The list is quite interesting and has some good information. The list includes concepts such as: Incorporating babies into the classroom Comic Books with bullying issues in them Films about bullying Have students teach each other… Continue reading

Drexel University to Host Free Bullying Webinar

Drexel University Online contacted me to let me know they are offering a free seminar on bullying. Drexel is teaming up with the university’s Center for the Prevention of School-Aged Violence to sponsor a live online Bullying Webinar hosted by Drexel University professor and Philadelphia-based youth advocate Dr. Chuck Williams.… Continue reading

Dealing with The Boss (A Personal Story)

I received this post from Xtina, who shares her story of trying to start her career and her troubles in the workplace. She works in the media field and I know first-hand as well how egos clash with trying to get the work done in this arena. It is supposed… Continue reading

An Unfriendly School (A Personal Story)

More and more, workplace bullying stories are starting to show up on the web and people are talking more about the harassment they suffer through in the workplace. What sometimes surprises me is the amount of workplace bullying stories that seem to happen at schools by other staff at schools… Continue reading

Bullying Law Summary Fact Sheet

The website cyberbullying.us has updated their “Bullying Law Summary Fact Sheet” that gives excellent information about each state’s current laws for cyberbullying. This very detailed report goes through which states currently have bullying laws, which ones they are proposed in, which have criminal sanctions, and which states have no active… Continue reading