Free “Standing By” Play Download

Standing By

Standing By a play in one actWe are proud to be able to offer this free copy of the play “Standing By” which is about bullying. The story centers around the many ways bullying is done to teens and is appropriate for middle and high school students to put on. The play was actually authored by high school students at W.T. Woodson High School in Fairfax, Virginia, in conjunction with their drama teacher, Terri Hobson and Bullying Recovery founder Alan Eisenberg. This is offered for you to use and put on COMPLETELY FREE!

The only request we have is that you let us know how you plan to use the play and give us the authoring credit and copyright credit when putting it on. Otherwise it is free to download and present to your school or audience.


Just fill out this form, so we know how you plan to use it, and you will receive a link to the play! ABSOLUTELY FREE NO STRINGS. We just want as many people educated about this issue as possible.

Download “Standing By (A Play)” Standing_by1.pdf – Downloaded 492 times – 193 KB

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