Healthy U: Episode 75 – Resolving the Anxiety Dilemma

Dylan M. Kollman, PhD

Dylan M. Kollman, Ph.D. joins Certified Coach, Alan Eisenberg, to discuss his new book, “Resolving the Anxiety Dilemma”. The discussion looks at what causes anxiety and tips for overcoming the anxiety in your life. Dylan M. Kollman, PhD is the director of the Anxiety Institute of Connecticut and author of Resolving… Continue reading

How to Cope with Teen Anxiety

Young lady in a field

Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength. ~Charles Spurgeon Being an adolescent in today’s world is challenging. Just managing your school work and social media identity alone can be overwhelming. Not to mention worrying about the future and your relationships. Whether you’re… Continue reading

Healthy U: Episode 58 – Dealing with Stress and Anxiety with Melissa Wilson

Melissa Wilson

Host, Alan Eisenberg, talks with repeat guest, Melissa Wilson, about the damaging effects of stress and anxiety. Melissa is the creator of, a site, and podcast that helps adult survivors of childhood trauma, particularly childhood bullying, overcome the lasting effects of their trauma to become the person they desire to be. Melissa… Continue reading